British Candy Shop Launches Dedicated Vegan Section

Swindon sweet shop Sweets Galore has launched a dedicated vegan section in response to the growing demand for gelatin-free sweets.

The sweet shop is co-managed by Anne McCulloch, who came out of retirement to embark on the venture with her son. While the shop has always offered vegan, dairy-free and sugar-free sweets, its new section is in response to customer demand, McCulloch told the Swindon Advertiser.

“Vegetarian and vegan sweeties are all the craze now,” she explained. “They are just as popular as any other sweet in here.”

While Sweets Galore is a traditional English sweet shop, reminiscent of old-fashioned stores, McCulloch is aware of the changing times; health-conscious consumers are now more inclined to avoid dairy and gelatin. “It’s about tailoring to customer’s needs and giving them something that still tastes nice,” she said.

Ensuring that Sweets Galore has only happy shoppers, staff allow consumers to sample sweets before buying. “We would rather people buy a product that they want instead of taking a risk and being disappointed after,” McCulloch explained. She added, “We love our customers and have a lot of regulars, we treat them like family.”

The vegan-friendly shop previously also brought sugary joy to British soldiers, sending confectionary donated by customers to Afghanistan.

Speaking of the nostalgic importance of candy, McCulloch said that when people eat a certain sweet, “They reminisce for that split second and you can see the happiness on their face whether that’s an adult or a child.”

Even traditional confectionary is moving with the times. For example, The Conscious Candy Company recently launched 1kg boxes of gelatin-free, vegan sweets in the UK. Each box of sweets features everything from cherry cola bottles, rainbow lollies, Drumstick chews, and rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweets.

Similar to Sweet Galore’s vegan section, the company is “committed to finding exciting new and old time favourite pick and mix sweet so that you don’t have to worry about reading labels and can spend more time eating delicious candy.”

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