T.U.K. Launch Expanding Vegan Shoe Collection Due to High Demand

25 years ago, California-based T.U.K Shoes opened its first retail store in 1991, soon becoming home to unique, edgy, and totally punk-rock (and often vegan) footwear for consumers with eclectic taste.

Soon after the first store opened, demand for these funky, yet out-there shoes soared, and the brand now retails worldwide. Yep, UK residents, Aussies, Americans and more – you too can reflect quirkiness through footwear, if that’s your jam.

Despite a wide range of shoe looks, styles, and designs to choose from (many of which have no animal products in production, making them completely vegan-friendly), the most popular shoe is T.U.K’s classic – dubbed the ‘creeper’.e-of-a-k


These creeper shoes aptly get their name from their visual appearance; a pointed end with round-toe that has now become T.U.K.’s signature look. brand of footwear tat channels punk roots across continent

For T.U.K.’s new fall 2017 shoe collection, the creeper shoes will now be available in seven styles – each made using a new, vegan-friendly material which is softer than the previous, also vegan-friendly materials.

This new and improved textile has been named TUKskin – which, of course, contains no actual ‘skin’. Sneakers, Boots, Mary-Janes, and Creepers are all be available for purchase, as of last month.

Ian White, the founder of T.U.K. said, “We have heard the voice of our customers for many years and done our best to provide vegan alternatives to traditional shoemaking materials.”

He adds that after the initial release of TUKskin, the huge consumer demand for vegan products will be answered and as of 2018, and availability is set to increase significantly.

So, will you be getting your hands on a shiny new pair of TUKskin creepers?

Image Credit: T.U.K Shoes