Everyone’s Bestie Tabitha Brown Is Opening a Vegan Restaurant

Photo shows Tabitha Brown on a blue couch with a wall decoration that says "Kale me all night"

Tabitha Brown is opening her very own vegan restaurant… Because that’s her business.

The actor and social media sensation is now the proud co-owner of Kale My Name. It’s set to open in Encino, California, and honey, we seriously can’t wait to try it.

There’s already a location in breezy Chicago, which is helmed by owner Nemanja Nekac Golubović. It became a favorite of Brown’s when she was filming episodes for season four of Showtime’s The Chi

“I don’t live in Chicago. As much as I love Chicago, honey, I needed Kale My Name on a regular basis,” Brown said.

Dishes include everything from empanadas, Venezuelan cheese sticks, and fried mac and cheese cheddar balls to chick’n tenders, burgers, wraps, and soups. Kale My Name even hosts afternoon tea parties.

Born and raised in Montenegro, Golubović says the time he spent traveling the world was the influence behind the restaurant and bar’s globally-inspired cuisine. “Before immigrating to America, I lived in or visited many different countries,” he said. “I loved their food. But when I went vegan, I had this dream of opening a vegan restaurant where I could veganize traditional dishes from all over the world.” 

So, what’s Brown’s favorite dish? The jackfruit lox, says Golubović. “She said she dreamt of it and woke up thinking about it. But she didn’t want to go all the way to Chicago every time she wanted it,” he explained. “So she decided to bring Kale My Name to her.”

Tabitha Brown’s vegan restaurant

Brown went vegan in 2017 to help alleviate ongoing health issues. Known for her viral TikTok videos, she partnered with Golubović to open the Los Angeles-based location. 

The duo previewed a few of the restaurant’s dishes at the Vegandale Festival in Los Angeles on October 23. Offerings included buffalo, barbecue, and lemon pepper cauliflower wings, as well as Beyond Chicken Tenders.

The vegan restaurant is Brown’s latest plant-based business endeavor. She recently became a New York Times bestselling author, following the release of her new book, Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business). She’s also set to release a cookbook.

The social media guru has also partnered with seasoning brand McCormick to launch her own all-purpose seasoning. Called Sunshine Seasoning, the Caribbean-inspired seasoning blend features mango and pineapple flavors and spices like ginger and garlic.

She even landed a talk show on the Ellen Network. Called “All Love,” Brown gives advice on a wide range of topics, including vegan cooking, self-care, and social media. 

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