Refreshing Herbal Iced Tea Recipe

This is a super simple recipe which is a perfect alternative to soda and sugary drinks. Whether you’re preparing refreshments for a patio party or just want something to keep your temperature down on a hot summers’ day, I’ve found this Herbal Iced Tea is always such a hit with my guests.

This recipe can also be adapted by using coffee that is allowed to steep and cool rather than tea.

OR, feeling fancy? Add a tipple of your favourite alcohol such as vodka or gin to get those tastebuds really tingling. Sold yet?

..seriously though guys, get your own darn drink!

Refreshing Herbal Iced Tea



– 4 teabags or tsp loose leaf leaves in an infuser per litre of water used or 1 teabag per cup (peppermint is a great flavour for this recipe)
– Water juiced lemon per litre of water (save the rind and grate into lemon zest)
– Ice cubes (as many or as little as you like!)
– Fresh parsley or mint leaves (different kinds of herbs would also work depending on the flavour of tea or you could add some cinnamon!)


– Fill pitcher with water; this should be about 1 teabag per cup of water
– Place tea bags in pitcher or tea leaves in tea infuser/teapot.
– Stir well and bob the bags up and down in the water then to allow the tea to infuse for 15 minutes.
– Pour some of the tea into an ice cube tray to make ice cubes from your drink!
– Allow to cool completely then place in fridge until ready to serve, I recommend brewing overnight for a stronger infusion.
– Remove tea bags from water vessel or remove tea leaves from the teapot. (extra vegan points if you put the tea bags/tea leaves in a worm farm or compost them!)
– Add the lemon juice and lemon zest
– Serve with fresh parsley and lots of those ice cubes you made in step 4!

 Optional: Stir in some sugar or sweetener to take the edge off or some citric acid