Nearly Everything in Target’s Good and Gather Plant-Based Range Is Under $5

Nearly Everything in Target's Good and Gather Plant-Based Range Is Under $5

Target’s new Good & Gather Plant Based range just launched with several vegan options.

The American retail chain first launched its health-conscious Good & Gather label back in 2019, and has now added more than 30 new and existing Good & Gather Plant Based products to bring “satisfying, plant-based goodness to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.”

New private label items include almond creamer, oat milk, dressing, Chick’n Tenders, plant-based meatballs, and a chocolate mousse-style spread. Almost every item in the Good & Gather Plant Based range is priced at less than $5 for affordability.

“Good & Gather Plant Based reinforces the brand’s commitment to products that prioritize great taste and quality, with the value only Target can offer,” said Rick Gomez, Target’s executive vice president and chief food and beverage officer, in a blog post. “Guest demand for plant-based offerings is incredibly high and continues to grow.”

Good & Gather plant-based food

The Good & Gather label (which generated over $2 billion in sales for Target last year) already features several plant-based products, including high-protein vegan burger patties, Chickenless Tenders, Meatless Crumble, falafel, and a Spicy Black Bean Burger.

Flexitarians, meat-reducers, and those eating plant-forward diets are the primary drivers of the ongoing vegan food boom, and companies are specifically targeting curious shoppers with expanded vegetarian options at ever-improving prices.

“By adding Good & Gather Plant Based to our curated assortment of plant-based offerings, we’re giving guests more of what they want and making it easy for them to discover the joy of food every day,” he added.

All products in the Good & Gather Plant Based range are also backed by a money-back guarantee to encourage shoppers to try new ingredients, flavors, and dishes.

The future of the vegan market: variety and affordability

Experts predict that the global vegan food market could surpass $31 billion over the next five years, with the plant-based meat industry alone potentially reaching $8.3 billion a year earlier by 2025. In the U.S., the number of Americans identifying as vegans has increased by over 3,000 percent since 2004 to 9.7 million people.

As the vegan food industry continues to grow, consumers and producers alike place increasing emphasis on accessibility and affordability, and supermarkets and brands around the world are streamlining production and aiming for price parity with traditional animal products.

Target even has an affordable vegan beauty line called Versed, and employs comprehensive vegan and cruelty-free labeling to help customers make ethical shopping choices.