Target Launches Matching Vegan Holiday Pajama Set for Families Who Are Extra About Their Dogs

Target Launches Matching Vegan Holiday Pajama Set for Families Who Are Extra About Their Dogs

Leading department store retailer Target has released a new product that will bring your family closer than ever. Vegan holiday-themed matching pajama sets are now available and there’s one for every member of the family – including the dog.

Families can enjoy the festive season dressed in designs like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Elf Family, and Dr. Seuss The Grinch. There’s also a Hanukkah set that features shirts reading “8 crazy nights” for the eight nights of the Jewish Festival of Lights.

The pajamas, that are made with cotton, do not include any animal-derived materials. In the collections, women men, kids, toddlers, and pets all have their own sized suit.

The new pet-inclusive pajamas coincide with recently published research that found that sleeping beside a dog, rather than a person, could provide you with a better night’s sleep. The study included only female participants, however, previous research that looked at the sleeping habits of both men and women found similar results. The study found that people who slept with a dog in their bedroom felt more comfortable and secure than those who didn’t.

Pets are being integrated into festive celebrations more than ever. This year, UK retailer Argos released a Christmas tree for people that own cats. The item is six-foot tall with an elongated stem so that branches and baubles are out of reach for frisky felines that have a tendancy to interfere with trees and their decorations.

Target’s new line of cruelty-free bed wear joins other Christmas-themed clothing that don’t contain animal products. Fashion brand Notjust released vegan David Attenborough-themed Christmas jumpers, and you can find various cheesy, cruelty-free Christmas jumpers online. Vogue recently named vegan fashion as a top trend to invest in.

Fashion isn’t the only sector of veganism that is gaining momentum this holiday season. More people than ever will be enjoying plant-based Christmas meals this year; 12 percent of families in the UK will eat a vegan main meal this month. And when shoppers do buy meat, they purchase less of it. People are opting for smaller turkeys, with sales of large birds dropping by 7 percent.

Image Credit: Target

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