Target Launched Vegan Mayo Under the Good & Gather Label

Target Just Launched Private Label Vegan Mayo

Target now sells its own vegan mayo under its Good & Gather label.

The retailer’s vegan dressing contains no artificial colors or synthetic flavors.

Launched last summer, the Good & Gather label—which features high-quality and affordable food and beverage products—includes a number of vegan options.

Target Launched Vegan Mayo Under the Gather & Good Label
Target just launched its own vegan mayo.

Is Vegan Mayo Healthier?

Traditional mayonnaise is made using oil, vinegar or lemon juice, and egg yolk. Vegan mayo ditches the eggs in favor of other emulsifying agents like soy protein, yellow pea protein, or corn starch.

A 2017 study by Transparency Market Research revealed the vegan mayonnaise market is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade.

The study pointed to various factors for the increase in popularity, such as the reduced consumption of animal-derived foods.

The report found vegan mayo may also be healthier. It revealed this may be another driving factor for the egg-free dressing’s popularity due to the “growing health consciousness among consumers.”

The more healthy nature of the eggless mayo can be demonstrated by the fact that eggless mayonnaise contains approximately 19 percent lesser calories than normal mayonnaise,” the report detailed. Vegan mayo also usually contains less fat and sodium than conventional mayonnaise.

It added: “This reduction in calorie content is significant due to the increasing consumer focus on controlling lifestyle diseases and in weight management.

Vegan mayo is also better for the environment. To produce just one dozen eggs—a primary ingredient in conventional mayo—636 gallons of water is needed.

Target Launched Vegan Mayo Under the Gather & Good Label
Follow Your Heart also sells its own range of vegan mayo.

Other Vegan Mayo Brands

In addition to Target’s vegan dressing, there are a number of other eggless mayo brands on the market.

Follow Your Heart sells a variety of vegan mayo products. These include its original, avocado oil, garlic aioli, roasted garlic, sriracha, and chipotle varieties—just to name a few. Chosen Foods’ Vegan Avocado Oil Mayo is made with avocado oil, aquafaba, faba bean protein, organic vinegar, organic sugar, and organic mustard.

British grocery chain Tesco sells its own vegan mayonnaise made from rapeseed oil. Best Foods sells a Vegan Dressing and Sandwich Spread—which can also be purchased at Target.