Tarte’s New Foundation is a Vegan Makeup Lover’s Dream

Tarte’s Shape Concealer has proven so popular, the company has now launched a Shape Foundation to go with it. Considering a Shape Concealer is sold every 20 seconds, Tarte is anticipating the foundation to be eagerly snapped up by vegan-makeup loving customers.

For $39, this new Shape Tape Foundation can be yours later this month. However, that’s not all the beauty brand is adding to its collection; the foundation will have two formula options, Matte (purple strip under bottle cap) and Hyrdating (blue strip under bottle cap). A new Shaper Contouring Sponge and Double Duty Beauty Paddle Brush ($28) will also launch. Prepare yourself for the naturally air-brushed selfie craze that follows.

These products will debut on tarte.com on January 15th, ulta.com on January 21st and Ulta stores on February 4th. For those wondering, the Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation and Concealer are PETA-approved, cruelty-free, vegan, free of oil to help keep those pores unclogged, and is said to provide full coverage of acne and redness. Heck, they’re even waterproof and you won’t need a powder to set them!

This foundation duo comes in 15 shades each, aimed to provide coverage options for a wide range of skin tones. These are porcelain, fair beige, fair-light neutral, light neutral, light sand, light-medium beige, light-medium honey, light-medium sand, medium honey, medium sand, medium neutral, medium-tan honey, tan sand, deep honey, and mahogany.

With the rising demand for cruelty-free products, many customers are flocking to category leaders like Tarte.

Image Credit: Tarte via POPSUGAR