These Chocolate Filled Churro Donuts at Tesco Are Vegan

Good news for dessert lovers, Tesco is currently selling vegan chocolate and hazelnut-filled mini churros.

Topped with cinnamon sugar, the supermarket’s version of the traditional Spanish and Portuguese snack can be cooked from frozen.

Churros are enjoyed around the world, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico. Although the choux pastry itself is traditionally made without animal products, dipping sauces or fillings — such as chocolate or vanilla — are frequently made with dairy ingredients.

Tesco’s version, however, is stuffed with plant-based hazelnut paste and cocoa powder.

It isn’t the only vegan sweet treat available from the chain, which, over the past year, has launched a number of new plant-based products.

In September, it began stocking Peanut Butter Millionaire Bites by Livia’s Kitchen, and in July, low-calorie dairy-free ice cream by Halo Top hit the shelves. Earlier this year, for Valentine’s Day, it launched a plant-based heart-shaped brownie packed with 14 grams of protein.

Tesco’s Embraces Vegan-Friendly Foods

The supermarket chain does more than just offer vegan desserts; it stocks a huge range of plant-based ready meals, grab ‘n’ go wraps and sandwiches, and frozen and fresh foods.

The new additions are largely thanks to the chain’s plant-based director of innovation Derek Sarno — who also created the Wicked Kitchen line of vegan ready meals for the store with his brother and business partner Chad.

Wicked Kitchen has been a huge success for Tesco, which more than doubled the range back in October. At the beginning of 2018, Wicked Kitchen’s exclusive range consisted of 20 products, now it includes more than 40.

Sarno accredited Wicked Kitchen’s success to the rise of plant-based living in the UK. According to recent surveys, 66 million Brits ate around 150 million vegan meals last year, and 91 percent of the population now identifies as flexitarian.

“This is a dream come true for us,” Sarno said in a statement back in October. “When we launched Wicked Kitchen back in January, the response was just phenomenal.”

He continued, “At the start of the year, I said that veganism was going mainstream, and — as plant-based options are taking over the supermarket shelves — that belief is fast becoming a reality.”