Tesco Launch Two New Vegan Cheeses Due to Success of ‘Free From’ Range

After launching a comprehensive line of vegan cheese earlier this year, the UK’s Tesco has expanded the flavor selections to its “FreeFrom” label, to include a Spreadable Goats Cheese Alternative and a Rainbow Peppercorn Cheddar Alternative. The line expansion is indicative of the chain’s success in venturing into the nondairy cheese sector, and shows promise for the world’s third largest retailer to expand its vegan offerings elsewhere in the store.

Tesco teamed up with Scotland-based Bute Island Foods last spring to launch the private label vegan cheese line. Bute also produces vegan cheeses for Tesco competitor Sainsbury’s. The FreeFrom cheeses are based in coconut.

The original lineup included a blue style wedge, cheddar style with jalapeno and chili, an aged cheddar wedge, smoked cheddar, Wensleydale style with cranberries, sliced red Leicester, grated mozzarella and parmesan, and a soft cheese.

Nondairy cheese has risen in popularity in recent years thanks to the increasing consumer preference of nondairy milks and other alternatives to animal-based products. Nondairy cheese brands have also finally broken out into true cheese-making, using plant-based milks instead of waxes and oils, and refining the aging process to give cultured nondairy cheeses the same flavors and textures of animal-based cheeses.