Tesco Hosts Giant 100% Vegan Christmas Party

Tesco Supermarket Hosts Giant Vegan Christmas Party

Tesco, the UK’s leading supermarket chain, just threw “Vegmas,” a totally vegan Christmas party. The event was hosted in part by its director of plant-based innovation, Wicked Healthy chef Derek Sarno, who shared some of the event on his Instagram Stories.

Sarno’s photos and videos show the event’s kitchen crew quickly preparing a vegan stuffed butternut squash.

BOSH! also posted an Instagram Story about the holiday event. Henry David Firth, BOSH! co-creator pans around the room to reveal packed tables of people eating and enjoying the night. Firth also takes a moment to highlight one of the event’s main dishes, Mushroom Wellington, and to showcase Sarno’s food and plating skills.

BOSH’s Ian Theasby also made an appearance at Vegmas. The plant-based food duo is best known for their quick, mouthwatering vegan recipe videos. In April, BOSH! took its vegan brand to the next level when the pair released the BOSH! Cookbook.

The cookbook, named BOSH!: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants.’ was so anticipated that it landed a spot on Amazon’s top seller list before its official release date. The plant-based cookbook features over 140 recipes from breakfasts, crowd-pleasers, hearty dinner dishes, desserts, and a selection of cocktails.


Improving the Plant-Based Brand

In November, Sarno announced that Tesco and Wicked Kitchen, his plant-based food brand, were striving to reframe the way the public views plant-based eating.

Speaking on BBC television programme “Newsnight,” which covers national and international news, Sarno stated that Wicked Kitchen aims to break stereotypes surrounding vegan food. “We produce a range of food and just to dispel the whole myth that it doesn’t taste good or it’s “hippy-dippy,” he said.

“We want veganism to be cool, we want animal-free products to be amazing,” he continued.

Writing on Twitter about the television appearance, the Wicked Kitchen team thanked BBC for the opportunity. “Moving away from eating animals is the logical, rational solution to the future of the planet. That’s no joke,” they said.

Wicked Kitchen’s products at Tesco are popular. Between January and August, Tesco sold four million of the brand’s vegan meals. “We’ve beat the records and projections,” Sarno said about the sales. “We’ve proven to the world it’s time for a change and people are responding!”