Tesco Expands Vegan Range With 15 New Meal Options

Tesco Expands Vegan Range With 15 New Meal Options

Tesco just upped its vegan game. The UK’s biggest supermarket revealed it is adding 15 new products to its plant-based food ranges.

The new items were added to the chain’s two own-brand plant-based food ranges—Wicked Kitchen and Plant Chef—and will be rolled out nationwide throughout the month of June.

Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen range is set to get a meatless pulled pork made from King Oyster mushrooms. It will be available in three flavors: Shawarma, Mexican, and Korean. Vegan BBQ ribs and meatless brats will also be added to the range.

Additionally, Tesco will introduce Wicked Kitchen Meal Kits. The kits include dishes like Punchy Pumpkin Laksa, Shiitake Ramen Broth, and Bangin Beetroot Tikka. Each kit features spice blends and recipe suggestions.

The chain’s Plant Chef range will be getting meatless koftas and steak, fish-free cakes, and breaded meat-free nuggets.

Tesco Now Has Dedicated Vegan Food Aisles
The chain now has more than 100 own-brand plant-based meal options.. | Derek Sarno

Tesco Gets More Vegan Options

Tesco now has more than 100 own-brand, plant-based meal options. The expansion follows a growing trend of Brit’s consuming less meat.

A study by market research firm Mintel revealed approximately 20 million Brits—nearly 40 percent of the population’s meat-eaters—say they’re reducing their meat intake. In lieu of consuming a meat-centric diet, they’re opting to adopt flexitarian diets.

Although flexitarians still consume meat and other animal products, they only do so in moderation. Their diets largely consist of plant-based products like fruits and vegetables.

In order to meet the growing demand for plant-based products, Tesco launched its Wicked Kitchen range in January 2018. The line includes ready-to-eat meals and to-go food options. They were created in partnership with plant-based chefs Derek and Chad Sarno of Wicked Healthy.

Last September, the chain rolled out its Plant Chef line. The own-brand food range includes a collection of affordable plant-based foods.

Of the new ranges, Derek Sarno—Tesco’s Director of Plant Based Innovation—said in a statement: “It’s my mission to provide the nation with delicious and satisfying plant-based food, and these […] new products take that mission a step further. I have no doubt that both plant-based and meat-eaters alike will enjoy the new additions to Wicked Kitchen and Plant Chef. I can’t wait for you all to try them!”