Fishless Vegan Fish Sauce Launched by Popular UK Brand Thai Taste

Widely popular UK Brand Thai Taste is focused on bringing the flavour of delicious Thailand on to British soil. In an effort to help vegetarians and vegans get that traditional southern Thai fishy taste to their dishes, the company has revealed a brand new fish sauce — but hold the fish. This vegan sauce gets it fishy taste from another ocean-dweller: seaweed.

Thai Taste’s new vegetarian and vegan friendly ‘Fish’ sauce is made from seaweed, enabling this important demographic of shoppers to now enjoy authentic Thai flavours when cooking at home,” observed the website Convenience Store. Thai Taste stated that consumers will find that the fishless fish sauce is an indispensable ingredient in recipes as it brings a “salty element,” also often referred to as umami. Furthermore, seaweed is an important staple to bring into any diet as it offers calcium, iron, and vitamin C amongst other vitamins and minerals.

“It is important to us that our products are authentic and truly Thai,” Thai Taste said on its website. “Our meal kits, pastes and sauces are all made in Thailand from scratch, using authentic recipes and locally sourced ingredients which are fresh (not dried), whenever possible. The all-natural ingredients provide authentic, consistently delicious flavours every time.”

The majority of our products are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We do not use artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and do not add MSG,” Thai Taste continues. “Thai Taste is here to help you to cook Thai cuisine simply and healthily. Removing any associated mystery or apprehension is one of our many goals.”

Nutritious and flavourful alternatives to fish are much needed at present, with overfishing a common problem in the world’s oceans. It is estimated that the planet’s populations of swordfish, cod, and shark have already been reduced by a staggering 90%. With new lab-grown fish hopefully appearing on the market soon and new fish-flavoured. fishless sauces, the demand for real fish may fall and the ocean’s populations will have a chance to recover and thrive.

Image Credit: Jamie Mills | Thai Taste