Thank You, From us, on Behalf of the Animals

Well, it seems like only yesterday that we watched LIVEKINDLY’s first article go out into the world ..ahem. We weren’t sure what to expect, but, well, since then it’s pretty much been a whirlwind.

I started this mission because I felt in my heart we need a place where we can go to feel good about who we are, the progress the world is making, and how we can take part in it. It’s easy to get bogged down in negativity and to feel hopeless when everything we hear from the media focuses on exactly that. Chaotic, desperate, confusion. How are we to feel inspired and empowered to do good things when we’re told it won’t make a smidgen of a difference? We wanted to fill that gap. Of course, when Luke, and I built LIVEKINDLY I hoped for good things, but we’ve all been well and truly been blown away at every step since launch. So much so, Katie and I seem to eat, sleep and breathe vegan news nowadays.

So as we’ve just passed our six-month mark — we now have over 250,000 followers on Facebook — I’m reminded about how much more we can achieve. This year has proven that.

Whether it was the advances in plant-based and clean meat, major ice cream companies launching nondairy flavorsWhat The Health inspiring a ridiculous amount of celebrities to ditch meat and dairy or the increasing market share vegan produce is gaining, it seems there are just too few hours in the day to publish all of these amazing victories.

Changes are indeed happening, and here at LIVEKINDLY, it’s what motivates us (and keeps us caffeinated). It’s the truth we feel in our hearts when we look at pictures like this… and we’re reminded that this is what set us on our ‘kind mission’ to begin with.

We know so many of you feel this way, too.

Recently, Whole Foods announced its food trend predictions for 2018. At first glance, I must admit, it wasn’t all that exciting: mushrooms, florals, whole vegetable dishes…but then it dawned on me: All of these trends are plant-based. There was nothing exclusive to the meat, egg, or dairy industries on the list.

The tides are indeed turning. And not just on our plates. The shift is happening in fashion (apple or pineapple leather, anyone?). It’s happening in our beauty and personal care. Just last week we reported on the “end” of using chimpanzees in animal testing. And it seems we can’t go a week without seeing some news about SeaWorld’s tanks slowly being drained of consumer trust.

Athletes, politicians, and celebrities along with whole cities and countries, are embracing a kinder life. We see the joy and the commitments every day from our community. Your comments and stories are what keep us going.

So, as we pass this milestone marker at this sentimental time of year, not only am I thankful for all of your support and my incredibly hardworking team (you know who you are), but I’m reinvigorated and more committed than ever to keep moving forward.

From myself and all of us at LIVEKINDLY, may your holiday season be truly merry and bright, and may all your choices be kind. We can’t wait to see what the new year brings for all of us.

Jodi x