The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast For Hungover People

Waking at midday, dry-mouthed, bleary eyed and ravenous for something greasy – Hangovers… we’ve all been there.

Naturally most of us will wake up with a craving to eat something energy-dense with the power to see us through until the evening (so we can spend the rest of the day asleep); hence the aptly named ‘Hangover Breakfast’.

Key components to making breakfast when you’re hungover:

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Minimal pan usage (no one wants to add to last night’s stack of unwashed dishes)
  • “Sinful”. Although you are minimizing this considerably by the lack of animal products (and tenfold if you go oil-free)

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Recipe For Hungover People

Prep: 15~ Minutes | Cook: 10~ | Serves 2


Extra firm or firm tofu (approximately 150-200g)
1 – 2 cups of pre-washed baby spinach
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Sesame seeds
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Basil
3 medium button mushrooms
Bread, whatever kind you like
4 vegan sausages
1-2 Vegetable-based burger patties
Ketchup and/or Sriracha
Dairy free butter or oil


Preheat oven to approximately 380°F

Sandwich the block of tofu between a few layers of paper towels and place a heavy chopping board/stack of books you don’t like on top to help squeeze out the excess moisture.

Meanwhile, prepare your veggies – wash and slice mushrooms, dice cherry tomatoes, finely chop the basil leaves and shred the baby spinach

Once a good amount of liquid has been drained, remove the weights and paper towels from the tofu then use a fork to slowly press down in to the block. You want it to crumble, but not in to fine pieces – the consistency you’re going for is ‘scrambled egg’, so a mixture of small and bite-sized chunks is what you want

Next, place the sausages and patties on a baking tray and place on the middle shelf of the oven

Turn the hob on to a medium heat and add your oil/butter or dash of water to a large frying pan

Once the butter/water has warmed, add the crumbled tofu and season with salt and pepper as desired

Add the sesame seeds and about half a teaspoon of turmeric

5 minutes in you’ll want to check on and flip the oven-goodies, then proceed to add the fresh veg to the pan of tofu – if you prefer your spinach less cooked then hold off until about 9 minutes in to add it separately

Continue to stir intermittently for another 5 minutes or until golden, making sure you toast your bread in a timely fashion

Serve up on your last clean plate and douse with your favourite condiment

Best eaten in bed accompanied by a strong coffee and Netflix.