The Humane Society and Sodexo to Bring More Vegan Meals to U.S. Cafeterias

HSUS and Sodexo to Bring More Vegan Meals to U.S. Cafeterias

Sodexo, one of the largest foodservice companies in the U.S., servicing hundreds of cafeterias across the country, will soon be adding more vegan options to its offerings in a partnership with the Humane Society of the United States.

“The partnership with Sodexo is the latest one in our campaign for reducing consumption of meat, eggs and dairy, in which we partner with some of the largest institutions that serve food—schools, hospitals, universities, the military and more—to help them add more plant-based options to menus and reduce their overall meat purchases,” Kitty Block, HSUS acting president and CEO said in a blog post.

The partnership was announced today at “Plant-A-Palooza,” an HSUS-led event hosting Sodexo, Unilever, World Resource Institute’s Better Buying Lab, and World Wildlife Fund to showcase plant-based culinary opportunities for foodservice institutions seeking to offer their customers healthier and more environmentally responsible meals.

HSUS chefs worked with Sodexo’s team to craft menu items that can be served at its many cafeteria locations across the country. “Sodexo will be able to offer their clients more plant-based options like Chesapeake cakes, smoky black bean tamales and carrot osso buco,” says Block. HSUS also created Y Mas, “a branded Mexican-themed concept, featuring dishes like jackfruit and avocado tortas, chipotle quinoa burrito bowls, and garlic roasted cauliflower burritos.”

A growing number of hospitals and universities are revamping their menu offerings to meet the demand for plant-based food. Universities are seeing a large portion of Generation Z students request vegan or plant-based meals. And in California, new legislation could require all of the state’s hospitals to offer plant-based menu items. California prisons may also soon be required to offer inmates a vegan choice.

Today’s announcement is the latest of many project partnerships between Soxedo and HSUS. The animal rights organization has worked with Sodexo over the last dozen years to improve the animal welfare conditions for nursing pigs, egg-laying hens, and broiler chickens used in its supply chain. And according to Block, “the company has once again shown its commitment and demonstrated yet again how a thriving business can align with policies that benefit animals.”