The Kooples Launch Vegan Leather Bag to Support Animal Rights

After being encouraged by animal rights organization PETA to become fur-free, The Kooples has teamed up with the company to release a vegan leather clutch purse.

The Kooples have now been fur-free since 2016. Interestingly, their bestselling item of 2017 was a faux-fur women’s coat. Global Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Dreyfus commented that this shows “people are ready to buy faux fur if the product is good and is of good quality”. Ultimately though, this applies to all animal-free items as consumers become increasingly conscious of animal welfare.

At present, The Kooples have 22 individual stores in France (the brand’s country of origin), 20 stores in the United Kingdom, five stores in the United States and an online platform with global traffic.

This new stylish skin-free accessory comes not long after iconic brand Dr. Martens released a 100% vegan classic leather backpack, signifying a shift in consumer preference. A new hard-hitting documentary also recently hit screens, highlighting how the dairy, meat, and leather industries are all interdependent; supporting one supports the others.

All proceeds from the new clutch will go towards PETA to help fund animal rights campaigns. While some of PETA’s activism can divide opinions with controversy, ultimately, their mission is to be People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The Kooples aren’t the only brand who have made changes after speaking with PETA – last year Bon Jovi agreed to change his luxury clothing line ‘Hart N  Dagger’ to replace all animal skin and fur with a synthetic, vegan-friendly alternative.

Image Credit: The Kooples x Peta | Wikimedia Commons