The New Beyond Burgers Will Have Vegan B12, Just Like Beef

The New Beyond Burgers Will Have Vegan B12, Just Like Beef

California-based food technology brand Beyond Meat is taking the next step in plant-based innovation. Early next year, it will launch two new versions of its signature Beyond Burger, formulated with vegan B12.

The first burger, which the company calls its “juiciest burger yet,” contains 35 percent less saturated fat than 80/20 beef. The other, made to court the health-conscious crowd, contains 55 percent less saturated fat than a standard beef burger. Both new burgers contain minerals and micronutrients comparable to beef, including vitamin B12, which must be supplemented on a plant-based diet.

Ethan Brown, CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat said in a statement: “Just as you can find different varieties of ground beef, consumers will now have more choice to satisfy their individual nutritional needs and preferences.

‘Plant-Based Meat Without Compromise’

The new Beyond Burgers were designed to appeal to the growing consumer demand for healthier plant-based proteins. A Beyond Meat spokesperson told LIVEKINDLY that the company aims to make its products not only healthier but also “completely indistinguishable from their animal protein equivalents.

They added that “health is the #1 driver to the plant-based meat category, and we feel a deep obligation to deliver upon that expectation by offering the most delicious, nutritious, and sustainable products possible.

Launched in 2016, the Beyond Burger is part of the company’s range of realistic plant-based proteins. This includes sausages, ground beef, meatballs, and breakfast sausage patties and links. Beyond Meat is available at approximately 28,000 retail outlets in the U.S.

The spokesperson explained that improvements to Beyond Meat’s existing products are in the pipeline. “Our innovation team is always looking to innovate and renovate our products to provide the very best in the market and meet the needs of our growing fan base of carnivores and flexitarians who are looking for delicious, satiating plant-based meat without the compromise. So while we can’t share when the next iteration will be, we can share that we’re definitely working on it.”

Beyond Meat is not the first brand to offer vegan meat formulated with B12. British food technology company Moving Mountains makes plant-based burgers and sausages with added vegan vitamin B12.

The new Beyond Burgers launch nationwide in 2021.