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Happy International Bacon Day! We recently shared our Ultimate Guide to Labor Day Recipes, and have published The Ultimate Guide To Ordering at Pizza Hut – including vegan bacon, but now, you really need our Ultimate Guide to Sizzling Vegan ‘Bacon’ recipes.

Society is so engrossed with bacon, that it could be considered it’s own food group. Traditionally, bacon is made from pork, but this guide shows you some of the common, sustainable methods that are used to make a plant-based version of bacon, known as ‘vacon’ for ‘facon’. (vegan or faux + bacon)

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These recipes are as close as you’re going to get to the real deal. So why not put on an apron and your creative hat – time to get your bacon-y brunch sizzling and frying, ready to sprinkle!

The Ultimate Recipe Guide To Sizzling Vegan Bacon

Smoky Seitan Bacon

This recipe is simple, calling for two doughs which are then baked together. Summed up by the creator as, ‘[T]his is meaty, smoky and chewy, and the best part is, nobody got hurt.’ This bacon freezes well and can be used in a variety of breakfast or other dishes. Get the recipe here.

Homemade Vegan Bacon

This batch makes about 24 slices, or 1 cup in total.  You’ll be surprised about how quickly that amount disappears, so do yourself a favor and triple the batch, store in the freezer, and enjoy the luxury of pigless-but-obsession-worthy bacon at a moment’s notice. Get the recipe here.

Thinly-Sliced Tofu Bacon

This recipe uses thinly-sliced tofu as the base, and is so close to the taste and flavour of pork bacon. Smoky and perfectly crispy, your vegan BLT sandwich game is going to the next level, even meat-eaters could be fooled. Get the recipe here.

Rice Paper Bacon

Until now rice paper has been used as a gluten-free wrap. But, have you tried frying this ingredient in sweet, bacon-esque smoke and spices? It’s addictive and difficult to tell it isn’t real bacon. Get the recipe here.

Tempeh Bacon

Sweet, smoky, and spicy too, everyone will be loving this tempeh bacon! Whether you add it to brunch, salad bowls, wraps or simply snack on pieces of this ‘bacon’, it’s loaded with protein and boasts a high nutritional value, unlike processed meat. Get the recipe here.

Tofu Bacon

This easy bacon has zero cholesterol and is satisfying and crispy, with a smoky flavor. Served in sandwiches, salads, on pancakes, hash browns or French toast, this tofu-based, believable ‘bacon’ is a hit with crowds. Get the recipe here.

Mushroom Bacon

These mushroom bacon bits are positively addictive, are the perfect salad topping and go sweetly in a mushroom, lettuce, tomato sandwich (M.L.T), or can be devoured as a sweet and spicy snack. Get the recipe here.

Baked Carrot Bacon

If, like the creators of this recipe, deep-frying carrots to make vegan bacon doesn’t excite you, this recipe for baked carrot bacon will hit the sweet spot. Using carrots as the base for this recipe gives this bacon an ‘edge’, and natural colour that is similar to pork. Get the recipe here.

Beet Bacon

By using beetroot to create vegan bacon, the pork-like colour is already there, without any additives or colourings. This recipe isn’t intended as a main dish, but as a crispy salad garnish or bagel topper instead. But, that doesn’t mean it is any less flavourful and crispy than a hearty bacon meal. Get the recipe here.

Eggplant Bacon

These bacon eggplant rounds are the perfect little morsels to chuck in a salad, BLT or lasagna. Each slice is different and the texture varies from brown and crispy in some, to tender and chewy in others. Make sure you have thinly-sliced rounds, or the ‘bacon’ will end up soggy. Get the recipe here.

Maple Coconut Bacon

It’s pretty amazing how coconut flakes can be used to re-create the taste and flavour of bacon. This recipe is simple and quick to make, but can be demolished in minutes, as there is an abundance of ways that these tidbits can be added to meals, baking and snacked on. Get the recipe here.


For hardcore vegan bacon enthusiasts, get your hands on this Vegan Bacon Cookbook.

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