These Golden Vegan Sneakers Are Made From Pineapple Leather

Your Golden Vegan Pineapple Leather Sneakers Have Arrived

Small Danish fashion brand Nature Footwear has launched vegan gold sneakers made from pineapples.

Posting about the new shoes on its Instagram account, the brand wrote, “The wait is over. Our vegan collection made from pineapple leaf fibers is here. [One hundred percent] natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free.”

The pineapple leather collection also includes off-white and “paprika” shades as well as a silver metallic design.

The vegan-friendly brand prides itself on being transparent, ethical, and environmentally friendly, writing on its website that its main aim is to create “durable long-life shoes” that don’t cost the earth.

“We are constantly working to improve our processes – right from the first step in production, to when we pack your shoes and they are delivered to you,” it notes. “We want to make every part of Nature as sustainable as possible – to protect our planet.”

To create its new plant-based sneaker range, Nature Footwear partnered with Pinatex; the innovative textile company creates vegan pineapple-based leather using sustainably sourced pineapple leaves.

It explains on its website, “The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities.”

It continues, Pinatex is a natural, sustainably-produced textile that was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.”

Nature Footwear isn’t the first brand to partner with the vegan textile company. At the end of last year, Italian fashion brand Altiir launched gold and silver vegan metallic biker jackets made with pinatex.

Speaking about the jackets in December, Altiir’s creative director Timothy Turner-Sutton said in a statement, “It’s become a matter of necessity as much as desire. We have to create sustainable products in ethical and cruelty-free ways if we are to continue to enjoy and be proud of the pieces we invest in.”

He added, “This remarkable alternative to leather is created by the clever people at Pinatex. Not only incredibly functional but also objectively beautiful.”

Nature Footwear’s new vegan Pinatex shoes are available from its website as well as instore at the Danish boutique Thaysen Christensen.