These Raw Vegan Meyer Lemon Tarts Have a Mulberry-Date Crust

These Raw Vegan Meyer Lemon Tarts Have a Mulberry-Date Crust

These Meyer lemon tarts will blow you away!

The first time we (my partner and I) ever tried introducing his family to raw food was through making them a raw vegan avocado chocolate mousse. The avocado in that recipe acts as butter, and it’s absolutely divine. In our opinion…

They smelled it, tasted it, and made a funny face. They said, “this has some weird ingredients, we can’t tell what they are.”

Then we made the mistake of revealing the avocado. The funny faces continued – and worsened – over time. The giggles were strongly heard, turning quickly to rolling laughter. “That’s it, you have gone mad,” said Tomer’s mom.

Can you imagine? It all started out with him bringing a vegetarian home (me, back then).

Tomer’s lovely mom bought some vegetarian pie cookbooks and was so excited to make these for me.

A little while later, these cookbooks were no longer needed, as I no longer ate cooked food! We put her through a lot… Jewish moms like to show their love through food, and we took that away.

Well, this recipe is presented with the loving memory of that evening.

This one is even “worse” – the avocado is not masked by cacao or carob powder! It is beautifully bright green, just the way I like it.

I like it that way because yes, I want my vegetables and fruits to be tasted and felt, unmasked by anything. I want a connection with my food, and I want to eat real food.

If you are afraid of avocado being sweet, just give this recipe a try. I swear, it’s divine. It takes all your butter cravings away because avocado functions here as your vegan, super-healthy butter.

The crust of these tarts is entirely made of fruit. Thus, there is not much fat in this recipe. It’s divine and tested on vegans and non-vegans alike. I hope you love it! And I will definitely send the recipe to Tomer’s mom!


This recipe was republished with permission from Soul in the Raw.