These Sweet Vegan Toffee Almond Bars Are Actually Healthy

These Sweet Vegan Toffee Almond Bars Are Actually Healthy

Every once in a while I decide that all healthy desserts start to taste the same (coconut oil is strongly to blame). This is around the point where I try to get creative in the kitchen.

Until recently I’ve been subbing coconut oil for cacao butter, which is great but I have now also found that most of my desserts are again starting to taste the same, so now I’ve really tried to step up my game.

This is probably one of the more different desserts I’ve ever made and I absolutely loved it. I’m trying to be more creative with the nuts and seeds I use in my desserts and choose ones that I don’t usually reach for.

The whole point of me promoting healthy desserts for hormone health is that it makes it easy and delicious to eat nuts and seeds, which is crucial for great hormone balance and happy mood-stabilizing brain chemicals, too.

In this dessert, I reached for hemp seeds and goji berries for added nutrition. The combination of almond and hemp seeds and a little chocolate is a powerhouse of nutrients that are needed for progesterone production.

Almonds are known to be one of the top nuts for progesterone. They are rich in plant-based fats, protein, and vitamin E. Cacao powder provides much needed magnesium, zinc, and iron for extra support and hemp seeds provide GLA, a very rare fatty acid that directly converts to progesterone in the body. This is perfect PMS food.

Unlike most raw desserts, this one has no cashews and no dates. The toffee layer is also very easy to make because it doesn’t require a blender or food processor. You can just add everything in the same saucepan for a much quicker clean up.

I used store-bought almond butter for this recipe but you can definitely make your own. Fresh almond butter would be much easier to use in this recipe as it would melt into the rest of the ingredients a lot better.

I’m not convinced that “toffee” is the right word for this slice. To me, it resembled a creamy toffee when I tasted it but everyone else that tried it didn’t seem to agree with me. It’s not as sweet as toffee but still gives off a similar vibe. Subbing maple syrup for rice malt syrup would give a stickier, sweeter, toffee-like taste that might resemble toffee more, but I loved the way it turned out with maple syrup so I’m not keen on changing it.

I apologize if my title is false advertising but I promise you will enjoy the dessert nonetheless.

This recipe is vegan, refined sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Enjoy! It’s a really good one!


This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel & Cacao.