New Think Tank Aims to End Factory Farming Worldwide

A new think tank, launched June 2017, is looking to find answers that will allow the world to transition to a factory farming free future.

Sentience Institute is hoping to expand ‘humanity’s moral circle.’ For now, this means that they will change the way we consider non-humans sentient beings and the way that we treat them. “We want to see a world where the interests of all sentient beings are fully considered, regardless of their species,” co-founder Kelly Witwicki told Vice.

Witwicki and cofounder Jacy Reese dedicate their time to researching the best ways that they can change society so that all beings are ‘fully considered, regardless of their sex, race, species, substrate, location, or any other characteristic.’

As they are looking to make huge changes to a wide range of issues, they are currently looking to focus on one – the farming system. ‘The farmed animal advocacy movement has a significant demand for strategic research as indicated by the rapid growth,’ claims the website. Indeed the past 12 months alone have been an incredible time for the vegan movement, especially in terms of the production of alternative foods.

Companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Memphis Meats have been developing viable alternatives to farming animals for meat products, without consumers having to give up the foods they the love the most. Additionally, in the UK many supermarkets have been following the plant based trend by introducing vegan cheeses, vegan ready meals, and even vegan cheesy pizzas.

Sentience Institute intends on working with complete transparency both financially and in terms of their policies so that they can best solve problems by collaborating with others.