This Company Makes Vegan CBD for Traumatized Pets

This Company Makes Vegan CBD for Traumatized Pets

A pharmacist in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is making vegan cannabidiol oil (CBD) products for dogs, local News 12 reports.

CBD is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. The natural substance – which, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is not psychoactive – is growingly used as a treatment for anxiety due to its properties that can help people feel more calm and relaxed. CBD can also be used to help people manage seizures and nausea.

Licensed pharmacist Dr. Minchul An is the CEO and co-founder of buzzn, which makes CBD products for people and animals. According to buzzn’s website, Minchul is an animal activist who works closely with Korean K9 Rescue, a non-profit organization that saves animals from dog meat farms in South Korea. During his time working with Korean K9 Rescue, An came across many dogs that had experienced trauma. It was then that An “discovered the benefits of using CBD oil in rescue dogs’ diets as a mood stabilizer.”

The idea for animal CBD therapy was sparked from personal reasons, too. An’s own dog suffered from separation anxiety. “I’ve pretty much tried everything from trainers to buying those like life vests and stuff like that and just like more natural remedies for anxiety and it really hasn’t helped,” he said to News 12.

CBD products are growingly popular as an anxiety treatment for pets and people

Finding no permanent solution, the pharmacist turned to CBD. An slowly introduced buzzn to his dog. “[T]hree months in, he was just a completely different dog,” he said.

He recommends people gradually introduce the product to their pets. “What I typically recommend is you always want to start low and go slow and sort of introducing it into their diets,” An said. “Ideally you can put it in their mouth directly. My dogs do not take it that way, so I just mix it in their raw food and it’s flavorless so they don’t notice it at all.”

Buzzn won’t cause dogs to get high since it doesn’t contain THC. “You’re not going to dope up your dog whatsoever,” An explained. “Our product is a broad-spectrum product, so it has zero THC, it’s just really the cannabinoids and the terpenes that are just super good for you.”

Buzzn isn’t the first to use CBD in pet products. Dog food company Honest Paws produces vegan CBD-infused peanut butter for dogs. The brand maintains that its products will help improve anxiety issues, pain and inflammation, seizures, and allergies in pets.

Buzz’n is available online and in some pet stores.