This Vegan Avocado Mattress Promises Better Sleep

This Vegan Avocado Mattress Promises Better Sleep

Thanks to non-toxic, eco-friendly mattress brand Avocado Green you can now get your beauty sleep on an ethically-made, sustainable, and super soft vegan mattress.

All of the companies pesticide-free products are handcrafted in the United States, without the use of polyurethane foam or toxic flame retardants.

Some of its products contain wool, however, Avocado Green also offers an entirely vegan range, including pillows, which it recently added to with a new organic cotton mattress pad protector. According to the brand, its vegan mattress was even rated America’s best in 2018 and 2019.

“Our vegan mattress features 100% natural latex rubber, GOTS certified organic cotton and up to 1,414 pocketed support coils,” the brand notes on its website. “No polyurethane foams or toxic fire retardants. It’s exactly the same as our Avocado Green Mattress, but uses cotton instead of wool.”

Founded in 2015, Avocado Green believes that mattress production, like other industries, should be respectful of the planet.

The founders couldn’t find an affordable natural, organic, non-toxic mattress, so they set about making their own, so that they, and others like them, could rest-easy, knowing that a good night’s rest wasn’t costing the earth.

Co-founder Jay Decker said in a statement, “We are on a mission to provide a healthy, non-toxic, chemical-free sleep environment while promoting green living, human well-being, and sustainability.”

The brand goes one step further than making sustainable mattresses; 1% of all revenues are donated to environmental nonprofits. According to the brand, last year, it donated to 12 nonprofits, including a Rwandan women’s center, tree-planting organization the Arbor Day Foundation, and New York food rescue group City Harvest.

The donations were made possible through the brand’s partnership with 1% for the Planet, a global network enabling businesses to give back to the environment.

“[One percent] for the Planet business members serve as important catalysts for long term environmental sustainability,” CEO of the organization Kate Williams said in a recent statement.

“They support nonprofits on the front lines all over the world, tackling the urgent issues facing our planet. We’re grateful for Avocado Green Mattress for engaging in our movement and driving real positive change,” she continued.

The vegan, environmentally-friendly Avocado Green mattress and topper is available to purchase directly from its website.