Environmentally Conscious Online Store Releases Single Ingredient Plant Milk

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Thrive Market, who describe themselves as an ‘online retailer offering thousands of the best-selling healthy, natural products from your favorite brands at wholesale prices,’ are a forward thinking company that allows people to eat healthy food for reasonable prices.

Now, the online store have decided that they want to bring out their own single ingredient plant milks to offer on their site. Gunnar Lovelace, founder and co-CEO of Thrive, has said that they want to really push breakfast items claiming that ‘[t]he American breakfast is a really important place for us to talk about and work on processed foods and sugar’.

Already the company have brought out breakfast cereals such as sprouted granola and coconut flakes (a cornflake alternative made with fair trade coconuts) but they want to offer a plant-based milk that’s different from others out there. ‘A lot of [non dairy milks] have stabilisers, but we had the revolutionary idea that we trust our consumer is able to shake the bottle a little bit,’ says Lovelace.

The move to bring out a plant-based milk fits right in with Thrive’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly products, such as nappies and cleaning supplies.

Thrive Market is really dedicated to ensuring that people get the healthy, nutritious food that they need and deserve and even promises that for ‘every paying member, a membership is given to a low-income American family.’ This can make a huge difference to families who live in food deserts struggling to feed themselves good quality food.

Although Thrive Market isn’t vegan, they do try and cater for plant-based diets as much as possible. Including good quality vegan foods in their ranges is a sign that there is a demand for such food, and may encourage other stores to do the same.

Image credit: Thrive Market