Tim McGraw Shares Emotional Vegan Story (#TheRestOfOurLife)

Tim McGraw Shares Emotional Vegan Story (#TheRestOfOurLife)

Three-time Grammy Award winning country music star Tim McGraw shared an emotional fan video of a cancer survivor story to his Facebook page today as part of a hashtag trending based on McGraw’s hit 2017 duet album with his wife, five-time Grammy Award winner, Faith Hill, The Rest of Our Life. Fans are using #TheRestofOurLife to tell their marriage and relationship stories.

In the video, the couple tells the story of how they met in 2011 and quickly fell in love. But soon after, they found out that Rob was facing a serious cancer battle — stage-4 colorectal cancer that had spread throughout his body. The outlook was grim. Conventional treatment didn’t seem to work so the couple took matters into their own hands and committed to a strict vegan diet as part of an overall “holistic” approach that appeared to help put Rob’s cancer into remission.

The couple reports that now not only is Rob cancer-free, but they’ve started a family as well. “It just goes to show you that love can make miracles,” the video says.

But there may be a bit more science there than just the chemistry between the couple.

While anyone suffering from a cancer diagnosis should always consult with a doctor before making any drastic dietary or lifestyle shifts, a vegan diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is known to help in the prevention of certain types of cancers; and it may also help with cancer recovery, according to some research. London Irish rugby star Darren Dawidiuk reported that his doctors encouraged him to stick to a vegan diet while treating his recent battle with cancer. And a cancer support website also recently touted the benefits of a whole foods plant-based vegan diet in both cancer prevention and recovery.

image via Tim McGraw/Facebook