7 Tips For Being Vegan When You Live in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’

Are you trying to eat vegan, but you live in a small town? Looking for helpful tips on how to eat plant-based when there’s limited access to inexpensive vegan products? You’ve come to the right place.

7 Tips For Being Vegan When You Live in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’

Order Online

If you’re having trouble finding suitable vegan options in your local grocery store, try shopping online. There are countless grocery websites that are exclusively vegan, such as VeganEssentials.com. For sites that don’t offer free or discounted shipping, you can always order in bulk to avoid frequent shipping charges.

Use the Internet’s Resources

From Facebook groups with like-minded people and Reddit, if you’re looking for inspiration, support, and advice that can’t be found in the middle-of-nowhere-town, you’re bound to find something online.

In addition, if the vegan products you want aren’t available anywhere nearby, you can place an order online and get it delivered. The internet is your oyster!

Make As Much As Possible From Scratch

If ready-made vegan meals and specialty foods aren’t available near you, try making some meals from scratch. It may take extra work and time to make the foods you desire, rather than getting everything from a packet. But, on the plus side, you’ll save single-use plastic packaging.

Grow Food/Source Local Produce

If you have space for container gardening (even apartments can be sufficient), you can grow vegetables and fruit. This will save money, food transport expenditure, and you won’t have to leave the house for fresh produce.

If you don’t have time to maintain a garden and plants, talk to someone who does. You could potentially negotiate a special deal or get produce set aside for you on a regular basis. Or, try a farmers market.

Get Creative

If you have access to only a limited range of ingredients and find yourself eating the same, monotonous bowls of pasta and rice day after day, think outside of the box. Pinterest is a haven of inspiration. You could also browse Instagram or other social platforms for tasty vegan recipes. You may be quite surprised at the variety of dishes and meals that can be made from a handful of ingredients.

Stock Up When Available

If your favorite ingredient/food/product comes takes a while to be restocked, grab what you can when you can and make the most of it.

If your local grocery store doesn’t have the items you want, try putting in a request. It doesn’t hurt!

Educate and Inspire Others

Living exactly the way you want to, being proud of it, and embracing kindness is an inspiring effort in itself. While veganism’s popularity is growing with every passing day, small towns and even city neighborhoods can be slower to embrace it. If you’re the only vegan, or one of few, being a positive example and living kindly will make people notice you for good reason. With your guidance, others may be more likely to also try veganism.