5 Tips on How to Not Lose Your Cool As a New Vegan: Explained by Reaction GIFs

Transitioning to veganism is, for some, really easy. For others, however, it can be incredibly difficult, frustrating even. It’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed when going from a meat-eating lifestyle to veganism and become confounded by the daily struggles like not having as many places to shop, having limited options in restaurants, and, of course, all of the terrible anti-vegan jokes and unwarranted pictures of bacon.
It can be easy to lose your cool as a vegan, especially when you’re new to it, so here are 5 tips on how to keep yourself together.

5 Tips on How to Not Lose Your Cool As a New Vegan: Explained by Reaction GIFs

1. Set clear boundaries

Let your friends and family know what you need. Be honest. It’s extra important to speak up for yourself because the world is not presently set to accommodate vegans — which means friends and family probably won’t know how to host vegan for social events involving food unless you let them know. If you’re feeling upset by animal products being eaten in front of you, express that – but pick your timing. People are much more receptive to an open and honest conversation than tension and resentment.

2. Hang out with other vegans

Veganism is much easier when you don’t feel alone. Veganism is growing and has been for quite some time, so there are much more out there than you probably think. Find some local vegans and make some plans to hang out or find support among like-minded peers.

3. Do some reading

Veganism isn’t the kind of thing you start and get perfect right away — like most things since there’s no such thing as perfect. Veganism is about doing what is possible to reduce the exploitation of animals, however it’s important to realize that all of your actions will have consequences no matter your lifestyle choice. But you can significantly reduce the negative impacts. The best way to do this is to learn about them and implement practical tips into your daily routines. Read some new cookbooks, follow a vegan athlete’s blog. Get into a zero-waste lifestyle. There’s so much out there.

4. Find vegan support groups/pages

This might sound a bit dramatic but vegan support groups and pages are great ways to keep yourself sane. They’re not as serious as they sound. In fact, Vegan Humor, a popular Facebook group, is one of the greatest vegan resources out there because it makes people smile. Never underestimate the power of a smile. Check out this list for some great online feeds to follow.

5. Treat yourself

TREAT. YOUR. SELF. If you’re a junk food person, buy non-dairy ice cream, or vegan chocolate, or any of the many bags of vegan potato chips out there. If you’re not a junk food person, buy some fresh fruit. Have a picnic somewhere. Invite friends over for a fancy brunch. Better yet, find a great vegan place to get brunch at. It’s important, whether you’re vegan or not, that you make time to take care of yourself.