Everyone From ‘Titanic’ Is Busy Trying to Save the Earth From Drowning Now

Everyone From 'Titanic' Is Busy Trying to Save the Earth From Drowning Now

Is a “Titanic” reunion in the works? Aside from the obvious spoiler – Jack dies at the end – the stars of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster behemoth might be too busy trying to mitigate the effects of climate change to queue up a sequel.

Cameron recently spoke to Us Magazine about his relationship with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who he’s crossed paths with numerous times since “Titanic’s” release.

“Kate worked on ‘Avatar 2′ and 3, and I think I just emailed with her a couple days ago,” he said“Leo and I collide mostly in the environmental circles because he’s doing a lot of good work around climate change and the environment and sustainability … we’re not collaborating directly but we sort of cross paths all the time in that world.”

On working with DiCaprio again, Cameron said it’s a “no-brainer” and he can imagine himself writing a character for the Academy Award-winning actor in the future.

Despite working on different projects in the 22 years since “Titanic,” the trio have a shared passion for protecting the environment. Cameron and his wife, Suzy Amis-Cameron, who was also in the film, both follow a vegan diet and are vocal about the connection between animal agriculture and climate change.

Last September, it was revealed that only vegan food would be served on the set of the “Avatar” sequel. “We’re doing it based on a plant-based initiative that we feel is important, not just from a health standpoint but from an environmental standpoint,” producer Jon Landau told Fandom UK.

Cameron’s upcoming documentary, “The Game Changers,” follows a special ops trainer as he meets with vegan athletes and doctors to dispel the myth that meat is necessary to be healthy and strong.

Cameron and Suzy are investors in plant-based protein company Verdient Foods. Suzy herself is a co-owner of the MUSE School, which serves only vegan food and incorporates sustainability into its curriculum. She is also the author of the book “One Meal a Day,” a part-memoir, part how-to of following a plant-based lifestyle.

In June 2017, Winslet helped raise $30 million for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an environmental charity founded by the actor in 1998.


Through his charity, DiCaprio has also helped raise money for wildlife conservation – primatologist Jane Goodall helped him raise $7 million last September – as well as Indigenous rights, clean energy, and other environmental justice causes. He produced the new documentary about the endangered wild vaquita, “Sea of Shadows,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month.

He is also a serial investor in vegan products. The “Revenant” star has invested in the chickpea protein snack brand Hippeas, plant-based milk brand Califia Farms, and Beyond Meat.