America’s #1 Tofu Brand Launches Ready-to-Eat Tofu Cubes

Nasoya, “America’s #1 tofu brand”, is set to launch a new vegan product next month, a report revealed. The brand has announced ‘Toss’ables’, cubes of tofu that are pre-marinated and “baked to perfection”. The launch is intended to offer variety and convenience to kitchens around America.

The report by PR Newswire highlighted:Plant-based eating is on the rise with nearly 60% of Americans looking to lessen their meat intake”. It is these changing consumer behaviors that inspired the launch. The report stated Toss’ables will help make reducing meat intake “simple and convenient”.

Toss’ables eliminate any prep time, such as pressing, that tofu can require, making it easy to instantly add tofu to salads, pastas, and more,” PR Newswire explained.

The tofu is packaged in re-sealable pouches for convenience. Toss’ables will be offered in both ‘Garlic & Herb’ and ‘Balsamic Vinaigrette’ flavors.

Convenience and taste aren’t the only benefits of the innovative product. Those concerned about nutrition can put their minds at ease; every serving of Toss’ables delivers 14 grams of plant-based protein. The product is also cholesterol-free.

Sung Yoon Nam, Senior Marketing Director at Nasoya, said that Nosaya is “committed to making tofu less intimidating and as simple as possible for those who are new to the plant-based category”.

“With Toss’ables, we are able to provide our loyal fans with a more convenient way to enjoy their favorite tofu, while also offering an easy-to-use, flavorful option to those trying out tofu for the first time”.


New research stated that veganism in America has seen an increase of 600% in the last three years alone. Data shows that health is the leading factor for the change for 39% of Americans. Additionally, animal welfare was the top reason for the surge in ‘Veganuary’ participants this year. Environmental reasons also play a part, as half of young people admit they are concerned about the sustainability of meat. Interestingly, the production of tofu has been used to combat waste and provide a more sustainable alternative to meat production.

As veganism continues to rise, so does the sale of plant-based products. In fact, annual sales of tofu in the US have hit an impressive $91 million.

Toss’ables are gluten-free, certified organic and non-GMO. The item is set to retail at $4.99 and will be available at stores across America from April this year.

Image Credit: Nasoya