Tokyo International Airport Gets Its First Vegan Restaurant

Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, has opened its first vegan restaurant, the HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop.

The new eatery will serve a variety of healthy plant-based dishes, including quiches, cheesecakes, and traditional Japanese Melon Pan.

“We really wanted to make a cafe that everyone can enjoy,” said David Israelsson, the head of operations at HealthyTOKYO in a statement“While all of our offerings are plant-based, we have created dishes that will be loved by vegans and omnivores alike. Our menus are designed to appeal to the tastes of locals and the increasing number of visitors to Japan.” 

Haneda Airport is already bustling with visitors every year – it’s the fourth most traveled airport in the world – but as the country edges closer to hosting the 2020 Olympic Games and tourism in Tokyo and the rest of Japan increases, the airport is set to get even more lively.


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As the tourist industry booms, as does the demand for plant-based food, notes the restaurant in a press release, adding that it expects to see more and more vegan restaurants cropping up around the city to fill the demand.

But it’s not only tourists who are after more vegan food, locals are also embracing more meat and dairy-free meals, with nearly 3 percent of the population identifying as vegan, and 5 percent as vegetarian.

HealthyTOKYO wants to cater to all kinds of consumers – local and international – with its salads, sandwiches, lasagnes, breads, and desserts, as well as lattes, natural teas, Japanese craft beers, and homemade ginger ales.

As well as the new cafe, HealthyTOKYO – founded in 2011 by U.S.-born Michael Bobrove and run by Swedish Israelsson and Canadian food personality Norma Merrett – offers an online shop and presents itself as an online resource to find healthy restaurants and places to exercise.

“We are passionate about finding and offering great products and services and making it easy for all to access them online or through our cafe and shop in Haneda Airport,” the trio notes on the HealthyTOKYO website. They add, “Everyone deserves easy access to high-quality trustworthy products and services that contribute to a healthier and happier life.”

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