Top 25 Must-Eats at L.A.’s Eat Drink Vegan Food and Beer Festival

Eat Drink Vegan

Get your pretzel necklace ready, Eat Drink Vegan is right around the corner! On Saturday, May 26, over 250 beverage companies and 100 food vendors will descend upon the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena for a full day of vegans drinks and eats. Attendees will be treated to unlimited pours of vegan beer, wine, cold brews, and kombucha, paired with an expertly curated list of vegan vendors from around the world. This is the festival’s ninth year, and it is hosting more international vendors than ever before. With so many excellent menus to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is worth the wait (and your wallet). Check out these not-to-miss vendors to make the most out of your day, and remember to drink responsibly – that cold brew can be strong stuff!

Top 25 Vegan Eats of Eat Drink Vegan

1. Herbivorous Butcher

Herbivorous Butcher Country Fried Steak Doubles Down Press

Watching those carbs? Stop by the Herbivours Butcher booth for the Country-Fried Steak Doubles Down. The company’s own vegan hickory bacon is layered with eggy tofu and smothered with country gravy, sandwiched between two country-fried ribeye steaks in lieu of bread. The company is traveling from its home base in Minnesota, so this won’t be around for long. Get it while you can!

2. Arlo’s

Arlo's Burger

Yes. That is vegan mac and cheese inside of a burger. With tater tots. Arlo’s has recreated our childhood.

3. Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan Chicken

You won’t find anything gluten-free here. You will find incredible vegan fried chicken. Temple of Seitan is flying out all the way from London, so get it while you can.

4. Chickpea & Olive Collab with Seabirds Kitchen

Chickpea & Olive Chicken Waffle Sandwich

East Coast meets West Coast for a Southern-style collaboration. Orange County-based Seabirds Kitchen has teamed up with Brooklyn’s Chickpea & Olive to create the Hot ChK’N and Waffles Sandwich. Two of Seabird’s fluffy vegan bacon Belguim waffles create the perfect vessel for Chickpea & Olive’s Nashville glazed ChK’N fried tofu. This may be the best breakfast sandwich ever.

5. Sizzle Pie

Sizzle Pie Pizza

When we say Portland you say…Pizza! Portland-based Sizzle Pie has attracted fans from around the U.S. for its inventive vegan Neopolitan-style pizzas. Chicago and New York better watch out, the Portland pizza game is strong.

6. Charly’s Vegan Tacos

Charly's Tacos

These tacos are actually from Mexico. You cannot get more authentic than that. Charly’s Vegan Tacos is traveling from Tulum, Mexico to show Los Angelinos what real Mexican food is like.

7. Monty’s Good Burger

New Vegan Burger Joint to Open in California After Coachella Debut

“Welcome to Good Burger Home of the Good Burger can I take your order?” Anyone else remember that Keenan and Kel skit from “It’s All That?” Monty’s Good Burger has recreated the Good Burger vibe, in vegan form. Check it out at EDV or at the storefront in Riverside, Calif.

8. Vegan Hooligans featuring Madame Shugah

Vegan Hooligans

Diner food at its finest. The newest LA vegan concept, in partnership with cookie queen Madame Shugah, will be serving its Flaming Melts and Chili Fries, along with other inventive twists on diner classics.

9. No Bones Beach Club

No Bones Mac and Cheese Balls

Guess what? There’s vegan mac and cheese inside. No Bones Beach Club is traveling down from Oregon to serve its wildly popular Mac Balls, along with a few other tasty treats.

10. Cycle Dogs

Cycle Dogs Hot Dog

We swear there’s a vegan hot dog underneath that mountain of toppings. This Seattle-based hot dog and burger company isn’t shy with the accouterments, so don’t worry, they won’t skimp you on the guac.

11. Charlie’s Brownies

Charlies Brownies

Charlie is a festival staple. Although he may be a familiar face, he always brings the creativity, serving up never-before-seen brownie works of art. In the past, he’s wowed the crowds with brownie donut sundaes, CBD-infused superfood brownie mountains, and caramel blondie ice cream sandwiches. What will he dream up next?

12. The Vurger Co.

?GET READY TO HAVE YOUR MINDS BLOWN! ?As if we already weren’t stoked on @thevurgerco making the #VeganRoadTrip ✈️?? on 5/26, they just announced the collab of your burger dreams! ?? ?Introducing Chloe’s Truffle CheeseVurger, a truffle shroom patty with caramelized onion jam and oozing with truffle cheese and smashed avo. ????? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Wayment, “Chloe’s CheeseVurger,” as in @chefchloe Chloe Coscarelli??! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! ??She teamed up with @thevurgerco for a debut collab EXCLUSIVELY for our festival! Put this on your foodie bucket list ? next Saturday because this is going to be INSANE! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We can’t believe you’re still here reading this – click that link in bio for tix! ☝️☝️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #EatDrinkVegan #VeganBeerFest #LABeer #eeeeats #SeedFWLA #LAFoodBowl #WeAreShooketh ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?@thevurgerco

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Get ready for the ultimate UK meets the US burger mash up. The Vurger Co., hailing from London, has teamed up with chef Chloe Coscarelli to create what may be the ultimate burger. A sophisticated truffle and mushroom patty meets cool California avocado with truffled vegan cheese and caramelized onion jam. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this one.

13. Virtuous Pie

Virutous Pie Pizza

Another Portland pizza joint serving up irresistible vegan pies. With names like Stranger Wings and Superfunghi, Virtuous Pie offers flavors far beyond the spectrum of cheese and pepperoni.

14. NadaMoo


Sure, you can purchase NadaMoo pints in stores, but does the store let you sample all the flavors out of the pint? Nope. Get a double scoop of the Strawberry Cheesecake or ask for the Cookie Dough Fudge between two cookies, because, well…cookies.

15. Jake’s Vegan Steaks

Jake's Vegan Steaks

That vegan steak may look good, but check out that guy’s forearm! It takes a lot of plant-based muscle to work that industrial-sized squeeze bottle of creamy vegan cheese! Get your vegan cheesesteak fix from the visiting UK vendor, Jake’s Vegan Steaks.

16. Clara Cakes

Clara Cakes

Clara might be young, but this girl can bake! She wrote a cookbook last year, but festival-goers will get the chance to taste her sweet treats onsite (and take a few to go). Don’t walk away from her booth without a slice of the Sexy Cake. Just trust us.

17. Berben & Wolff’s

Berben & Wolffs Sandwich

LA may be known for its food, in the deli department, New York has it beat. Berben & Wolff’s all vegan delicatessen is bringing its classic deli sandwiches from Albany to LA to show Los Angelinos what a real sandwich is made of.

18. Vibe Organic Kitchen

Vibe Bowls

Gluten-free. Soy-free. Refined sugar-free. Animal-free. Vibe isn’t just for allergy-sufferers, it’s for everyone. This Orange County-based eatery serves filling bowls, smoothies, and plant-based burgers without using processed ingredients. It’s delicious food you can eat every day.

19. The Vegan Tamale Company

Vegan Tamale

Have you ever made a tamale? It takes work. Thankfully, the Vegan Tamale Company has us covered. Stock up on their jackfruit tamales and freeze the leftovers when you get home. Tamales for days, without lifting a finger in the kitchen.

20. Los Colorines

Los Colorines Agua Fresca

When you need a break from the beer, grab a refreshing agua fresca from Los Colorines.

21. Veganation

Veganation Chicken Nuggets

Sometimes these festivals can be overwhelming, and all you want is some basic fried food, a beer, and a dry grassy spot in the shade to lay out and chill. Before you claim your turf, swing by the Veganation booth for a paper tray of their Spicy Cajun Fried Chicken and french fries. Don’t forget the sauce; it makes the meal.

22. Sgaia’s Vegan Meats

Sgaia Vegan Meats

Sgaia’s brings the meat. This sandwich is packed with streaky “Mheat” rashers, panko-crusted “Eg,” haggis, and hollandaise, all between two breakfast brioche buns. Oh, there’s some fresh watercress in there, too. All about balance.

23. Yeastie Boys Bagels

Yeastie Boys Bagels

Can’t decide between a bagel, fried chicken, or mac and cheese? Have it all. Yeastie Boys Bagels have teamed up with Follow Your Heart and Chef Brianna Gallo (plvntfood) to create a monstrosity of a chicken sandwich, exclusive to this event. The dish features vegan fried chicken topped with mac and cheese, Franks Red Hot, ranch dressing, and dill pickles, all contained within two hand-rolled sesame bagels. Napkins are a must.

24. Pomodoro E Basilico

Pomodoro e Basilico burger

Pizza, pasta, burgers, croissants…this UK pop-up does it all. Last year they wowed the crowd with their pink, green, and black burger buns. Will the black buns be making another appearance? No matter what color, there’s no denying Pomodoro E Basilico makes a mean vegan burger.

25. By.Rosaline

By Rosaline Corn

A food festival roundup would not be complete without a unicorn-themed something. Get your Instagram shot with By.Rosaline’s Uni-Corn Elote.