Top 5 Must Listen Vegan Podcasts

So many people love podcasts, one can be found for literally every occasion and mood. In fact sometimes it’s a little difficult to decide what to listen to. Not everyone is familiar with the world of podcasts but it’s safe to say that once you are you become a bit addicted.  They’re perfect for the commute to work, or even a calming voice to get you off to sleep.

Whether you are new to podcasts, or a long-time listener who’s looking for something new to listen to, here’s some of the top 5 podcasts to educate you about the wonderful world of Veganism.


Top 5 Must Listen Vegan Podcasts

The Ian Cramer by Ian Cramer

In this plant-based podcast which is ‘dedicated to making you healthier’, Ian Cramer educates listeners by interviewing professionals of Lifestyle Medicine. Such doctors and scholars include big-names who are leading the whole-foods, plant-based (WFPB) movement. Dr. Dulaney, Dr. T Colin Campbell, and Sara Goodenough all feature on this podcast! Episodes are all just over an hour long and have a ‘question and answer’ format, with an interesting range of professional guests.

See more from Ian Cramer, and keep up to date with podcast releases, on his Instagram and Twitter.

Morality is Hard by Michael Dello

‘Morality is more complicated than you want it to be’

Michael Dello-Iacovo hosts this informative podcast, ‘Morality is Hard’, which sheds light on day the morality of everyday choices as well as deeper issues. His argument is that, is actually harder than we think to make ethical choices. These podcasts are free to download, and the host is a PhD candidate in space science, and former Acting CEO of Effective Altruism Australia, with a passion for giving back, ethics communication and science.

Brown Vegan with Monique Koch

This podcast boasts 54 FREE podcasts which aim to help families start a delicious, simple and permanent vegan lifestyle. Featuring other vegans and useful tips, Monique Koch is one hell of a fun host who educates listeners in a welcoming and exciting way. This podcast is also extremely helpful for newbies or those who may want to consider trying a plant-based lifestyle as the tone is non-judgemental.

From body image, vegan pregnancy, family-friendly advice, pantry basics, travelling tips, transition advice and more, hours upon hours can be spent learning from the variety of relevant topics on Brown Vegan podcasts.

Food for Thought with Colleen Patrick-Gourdeau

Food for Thought is hosted by Colleen Patrick-Gourdeau, who also hosts another podcast, Animalogy. However, Animalogy is a bit deep and complex, so to start off, Food for Thought is a great weekly podcast as it offers practical advice that is applicable to everyday situations, entertaining and informative transcripts which are available to download, and even delves into questions that are exactly the podcast’s namesake.

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Michael Greger

Author of How to Not Die, Dr. Michael Greger, hosts the podcast Nutrition Facts. These short information installments are perfect to send to skeptical friends, family and colleagues to teach them about all things plant-based nutrition. While there is plentiful vegan nutrition and food podcasts out there, this one has a reputable, trusted host and is very educational as it shares evidence-based information to help add years to life.

From protein, pregnancy, sugar, alcohol, soy, supplements, children/adolescents, disease prevention; if you are looking for a podcast within the health and nutrition category, Nutrition Facts has you covered.


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