Top 5 Vegan Tips for the Best Cruelty-Free Halloween Costume

Top 5 Vegan Tips for the Best Cruelty-Free Halloween Costume

There is that fresh, crisp feeling in the air signaling to us all that fall has most definitely arrived. For some, this means chunky sweaters and campfires, for others this cues Halloween prep mode. It has become one of the most social media-worthy festivities as of late, with people of all ages flocking to the Internet to share their creativity and spirit. Vegans should be no exception to this “grammable” costume game.

Putting together a cruelty-free Halloween outfit is really no different than putting together a work outfit. It just might be scarier. Whether you’re in the costume market for a tribute to your favorite vegan celebrity, or something more spooky, these five tips will ensure your Halloween costume is a cruelty-free conversation-starter.

5 Tips for the Best Cruelty-Free Halloween Costume

1. Watch the Fibers

The same as if you were buying a sweater, watch your fibers. Wool and leather are two of the most common fibers used in everyday clothing, including costumes. Most of the US is approaching fairly chilly temperatures by the time late October rolls around, so wool is commonly used to make garments warmer. And leather is common in costume boots and other accessories. Instead, look for cruelty-free fibers such as cotton, polyester, jersey and man-made leather alternatives.

2.  Go Homemade

If you are feeling crafty, a great option is to make your own. In our humble opinion, homemade costumes are way more fun than store-bought. The chances of running into someone with the exact same costume are literally zero percent. This also lets you take your creativity and run with it. Always dreamt of dressing as your favorite vegan celebrity or maybe vegan food? Well, now you can! And in whatever way, shape, or form! We saw a picture the other day of a woman who printed the image of a bag of Daiya Cheese onto a white sheet and turned it into a dress. Can you say #costumegoals?

3.  Hit the Thrift Shops

Whether you are looking for something put together or making your own, check the local thrift store first. Why spend $100 on a brand new costume when you can scour the racks and find a killer deal? We are big fans of secondhand because it helps us cut down on waste and pollution from the fashion industry and this time of year we see racks filled with last season’s “it” costume.

And, if you are building your own, thrift stores can be the perfect place to find just the right piece to complete your outfit. Plus, let’s face it, recycling your Halloween costume from last year isn’t the most exciting way to celebrate. Donate or sell your old looks and go thrift shopping for a fresh look. It’s a great way to save money and resources at any time of the year, but especially when you’re shopping for a unique Halloween costume! Thrift shops are a paradise for the weird and wonderful, you won’t be hard-pressed to find something that fits your Halloween aesthetic.

If you’re time-strapped or can’t find what you’re after in the thrift shops, online shop ’till you drop. Vegan-friendly costumes – those made without materials from animal origin – are abundant. Amazon, Etsy, and retail store websites will open up your costume choices immeasurably. Just make your decision with sufficient shipping time!

4.  Complete the Look With Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Although the clothes we put on our bodies are extremely important, we also must pay attention to the cosmetics as well. You can’t just don a pair of bunny ears – a pink nose and eyeliner whiskers are necessary to complete the costume! Kyrolan is one of the leading options for a cruelty-free Halloween, complete with fake blood and special effects kits. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs sells eye colors in a coffin-shaped tin, so I’d say they deserve to be mentioned. And for body paint, check out Cameleon Bodypaint. If you’re looking for makeup you can use year-round, check out Kat Von D products. Her bold looks are perfect for dressing up, but they also pair well with every day looks.

5. Get the Whole Family Involved

Your costume doesn’t have to be the only cruelty-free option. Help your friends and family create cruelty-free characters as well. The kids will love the creativity aspect, and they’ll also learn a bit about conscious consumerism. No kids? No problem. Get your friend group or significant other involved. You’ll be the cutest cruelty-free couple at the party!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Flickr

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