Topshop Releases Vegan Dinosaur Tee Because Veganism is Now Mainstream AF

Mainstream clothing store Topshop has released a cute new t-shirt, a baby-pink short sleeved top complete with a herbivorous dinosaur and the word “vegan” underneath.

Brontosauruses (or Apatosauruses, if you prefer) were herbivores in their time. They became extinct before the Jurassic period.

This tee is designed for Topshop by Tee and Cake.

“Tee & Cake’s exclusive tees for Topshop are inspired by scenes from retro films and music labels. Printed onto directional shapes, they look great thrown on over denim or dressed up with leggings and killer heels. Get set to make soft jersey and sweatshirts your wardrobe staples!” Topshop notes on its website.

One excited vegan shopper took to Instagram to share a picture of the tee spotted in-store.

Many high street brands are recognizing veganism as a huge market opportunity in fashion, beauty, food, and wellness. This is mostly due to an increasing Millennial and Gen Z demand for corporate responsibility and an increased awareness of animal welfare issues within animal agriculture, how farming animals exacerbates climate change and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for personal health. Even some of the biggest celebrities in the world have recognized this and amended their lifestyles to be kinder. Take international superstars Beyoncé and Lauren from Fifth Harmony, for example.

For those who don’t have a Topshop nearby or prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes, vegan dino tees can be found elsewhere online. Amazon stocks “The Bold Banana Men’s Herbivore Dinosaur T-Shirt” and a “Herbivore Dinosaur Funny Vege Dino Tee Shirt Paleontology“. Kids can also get their own dino tee, such as this “Herbivore Dinosaur Vegan T-shirt for Vegans and Vegetarians“.

Image Credit: Topshop | @jennaaamcguiness via @thevegankind