Vegan Restaurant ‘Planta’ Announce Expansion into the US

Planta, a Toronto-based, vegan restaurant, announced it will be opening its second location in 2018 in the United States. The company is excited to bring locally sourced, plant based food, and an elevated ambiance to a new Miami location.

Their mission is simple: “… to deliver delicious food while minimizing the environmental footprint, at every price point.”

The restaurant will be specifically be opening at 850 Commerce Street in the trendy South of Fifth neighborhood. Specific dishes include cauliflower tots, crabs cakes, the Planta burger, coconut ceviche, and the 18 carrot dog. There will be more than 100 percent, plant based goodness. In addition to said food, Planta will be offering cold-press cocktails, juices, and shots made from unique, unexpected flavor combinations.

Their expansion continues the market trend showing increases in vegan options all over the world. Miami isn’t the only city with great vegan eateries — we rounded up great places to eat vegan in Los Angeles and Bath, to list only a few. Vegan restaurants are thriving, but so too are vegan products — like the Impossible Burger, which is coming to more restaurants, and the McVegan, McDonalds newest addition to their menu (in Sweden).

Planta’s new Miami spot will be opening in 2018. This hot new restaurant is perfect for a hot place like Miami.