Vegetarian ‘Chicago Med’ Star Torrey DeVitto Is Obsessed With Stella McCartney’s Cruelty-Free Vegan Leather

Vegan ‘Chicago Med’ Star Torrey DeVitto Is Obsessed With Stella McCartney’s Cruelty-Free Vegan Leather

Torrey DeVitto, the vegetarian star of the NBC medical drama “Chicago Med,” fully embraces cruelty-free fashion and despite living on the West coast for more than a decade, her New York roots, too. The actor revealed in a recent interview with Us Magazine that her closet is still packed full of the blacks, greys, and navy colors favored in NYC fashion.

Among the former “Pretty Little Liar” actor’s prized wardrobe possessions is a Stella McCartney vegan leather jacket gifted to her by a close friend.

“I bargain shop all the time, but then I started learning about how those products are made and about how if you spend a little bit more money on ethical clothing that are using recycled materials, like my favorite dresses are by Christy Dawn … the carbon footprint that they’re leaving is so minimal and it’s really worth the extra money,” she said. “I’ve become a little bit more aware of where I’m actually getting my clothes from.”


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Grateful for my friend @christydawn. Her dresses are beautiful. I love the way they fit and I love wearing them…but more importantly I love the WAY they are made. I believe we all have an obligation to ask where and how our products, clothes, and food are made. In that spirit, I wanted to share with you all some really great info I learned while visiting their warehouse. Did you know fashion is the 2nd largest polluter of the world’s water supply? Every time new fabric is printed 1000’s of chemicals are dumped into the environment. There are alternatives to printing with toxic dyes. One is using deadstock. Deadstock fabrics are the leftover fabrics from other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. Christy Dawn rescues these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away and turns them into beautiful dresses. It’s the perfect win/win. They get beautiful fabric without polluting the planet, the landfills aren’t quite as packed, and you get a one of a kind Christy Dawn dress that was handmade in LA by seamstresses who are paid living wages, receive health benefits and paid vacations. When you go to a fast fashion house and buy a dress that costs $30, you can safely assume you aren’t just buying a dress, you’re also supporting slave-like labor, dangerous work conditions, and environmental decay. So next time you go out shopping, consider not only the end product but also the process by which that product was created. The more aware we become, the bigger impact we are bound to have! #sustainablefashion #christydawn

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In addition to loving Stella McCartney and Christy Dawn, DeVitto has named Madewell, Bourgois Boheme, Vaute, Angela Roi, and vegan shoe brand Beyond Skin as being among her favorite ethical fashion labels. While Madewell offers leather shoes, last January DeVitto told the Chicago Sun-Times that she keeps her ethics in mind when shopping for new clothes: “I don’t buy any leather goods or anything made from animal products – no down, nothing. It’s something people should be mindful of.”

DeVitto recalls the moment she adopted a vegetarian diet. “I was talking to my then-boyfriend and he was talking about a fishing trip and how he’d never had the experience of ‘killing’ his food,” she explained. “Even though I had fished my whole life something just snapped in me and I said, I’m not eating this anymore.” 

When it comes to personal care items, DeVitto says that they need to be cruelty-free “or they don’t enter my home.” She is also a supporter of animal rights organizations PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the Humane Society of the United States.

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