scrambled tofu vegan
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Eggs used to be something I couldn’t imagine giving up. For most people removing animal products from their diet it’s the cheese, but for me it was eggs; specifically scrambled.

This is where scrambled tofu comes in. It’s SUPER easy to make, tastes similar to eggs, if not better, and isn’t packed full of cholesterol. In fact it’s full of protein, calcium and iron.

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Quick and Easy Scrambled Tofu


– 175g extra firm tofu
– Teaspoon of oil (or water, depending on preference)
– Handful of baby spinach
– Handful cherry tomatoes
– 2 slices wholemeal bread
– Dairy free butter
– Salt & pepper
– Sesame Seeds
– Sriracha

scrambled tofu vegan


– Remove tofu block from packaging and drain water
– Sandwich the tofu between two pieces of kitchen roll and something with a decent amount of weight to it – compress for five minutes or so to remove the excess liquid (I tend to use two large chopping boards)
– While tofu is being pressed begin to heat up your pan with the oil (or water)
– After the tofu has been pressed remove kitchen roll and use a fork to crush the tofu into roughly half an inch size pieces – the appearance should start to resemble messy scrambled eggs
– Place into pan and begin to fry, adding pepper, salt and any other herbs or spices you like
– Put your bread in the toaster and continue to move the tofu around- as it begins to turn golden in color add the shredded spinach, sliced tomatoes, and sesame seeds.
– Serve on top of buttered toast with a drizzle of Sriracha and a side of sliced avocado

Eat like a Goddamn king

Pro tip: adding “Kala Namak”  black salt can give an even more egg-like (sulfur) taste