Trader Joe’s New Vegan Burger Is A Protein Lover’s Dream

Trader Joe’s already has vegan and plant based eaters ready for the holidays. However, they’re not done releasing new foods. In fact, they’ve just recently added a new vegan burger to their shelves which is sure to be a hit with folks seeking clean, powerful sources of protein.

The new Trader Joe’s Hi-Protein Veggie Burger costs $3.49 for two patties, totaling 26 grams of clean, plant protein. That means the burgers will fill you up, in a good way.


Pea protein is rapidly becoming more popular, with more brands and manufacturers investing in it. Between use of the Beyond Meat burger, and other plant based meats, as well as advancements in the pea’s protein content, usage of said product has gone up 195% between 2013 – 2016.

Be sure to grab these vegan burgers on your next trip to Trader Joe’s.

Image Credit: Trader Joes Vegan