Trader Joe’s Now Has Vegan Ranch Dip

Trader Joe’s Now Has Vegan Ranch Dip

A new vegan ranch dip made from coconut milk is on the shelves at Trader Joe’s.

An employee of the affordable American grocery store chain, Kimberly Lauren, recently posted a photo of the dip in a Facebook group called Vegan Trader Joe’s. “Yes, you’re seeing this correctly. And no, you’re not dreaming! Vegan Ranch is on the way,” said Lauren.

While Lauren was unable to share the exact details of the new product, she mentioned that the dip is the same recipe as used in Trader Joe’s vegan-friendly veggie trays — which is made with seasoned coconut cream, shallots, and red wine vinegar. Some customers have already begun to find the dairy-free ranch in stores.

On its website, Trader Joe’s describes the veggie tray ranch as, “a standout vegan ranch dip that delivers the bright, herby flavors and creamy texture of ranch dressing, in a dairy-free base. We’ve employed coconut cream in lieu of dairy and eggs, which delivers creaminess with a so-subtle-you-may-not-recognize-it-as-coconut flavor.”

Trader Joe’s Now Has Vegan Ranch Dip
Fans of the coconut cream based ranch can buy it in 340g containers | @traderjoesvegan

The dairy-free ranch dip is the latest vegan product to hit the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Recently it has launched a dairy-free cashew yogurt, walnut banana bread, pesto, kale and cashew pesto, watermelon jerky, and cashew fiesta dip. The grocery chain also stocks a wide variety of plant-based milks.

Americans Choose Plant-Based Food

More and more Americans are ditching animal products. At the start of the year, a survey reported that around one-third of the population planned to eat more vegan meals in order to improve their health. Data analysts YouGov conducted the survey on behalf of plant-based, dairy-free brand Kite Hill.

Dairy consumption has been linked to high cholesterol and blood pressure, and some studies have shown that dairy consumption increases the risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and some types of cancer.

In a press release, Kite Hill commented that, in general, “Americans have an increased awareness of what they consume, which has given rise to a deeper interest in learning how eating plant-based options can positively impact their health.”

The new vegan ranch dip is on the shelves at Trader Joe’s starting this week.