Trader Joe’s Just Revived This Dairy-Free Ice Cream Flavor

Trader Joe’s Just Revived This Dairy-Free Ice Cream Flavor

Earlier this year, Trader Joe’s popular dairy-free Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream disappeared from the shelves. But fear not, because it is making a come back.

The dairy-free flavor has received rave reviews in the past. Food blog Diana Takes a Bite posted about the ice cream back in 2008, stating it was even better than Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia option.

They wrote, “TJ’s Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip ‘ice cream’ is beyond compare. There is no contest — it blows Ben & Jerry’s cherries completely out of the bowl.”

Diana Takes a Bite isn’t alone. When rumors started flying that Trader Joe’s was removing the product from the shelves earlier this year, Reddit users were disappointed. One stated, “no! it makes a great ice cream cone and is one of the few dairy-free ice creams I really enjoy.” Another added, “that’s my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s!”


Customers were disappointed when Trader Joe’s removed its soy cherry ice cream from the shelves.

According to Trader Joe’s Reviews, the chain heard its customers were disappointed with its decision to remove the dairy-free ice cream from its shelves. So the company took the decision to bring it back.

One social media user posted a picture of the ice cream in the Facebook group “Vegan Trader Joes.” They captioned the image, “look what I found. Soy cherry chocolate chip is back!” They reported that they found the product in a Trader Joe’s store in Manhattan Beach and there were only a few tubs remaining.

Vegan and Plastic-Free at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s offers a wide range of vegan food, including dairy-free chocolate cereal, watermelon jerky, and dairy-free sunflower cups. Earlier this year, it launched its own vegan meat protein patties.

The company is also conscious of its plastic use. One of its New Year’s resolutions for 2019 was to reduce its plastic waste by more than one million pounds.

It stated in a post on its website, “taking into consideration our customer feedback and our desire to be great neighbors, we have been taking a careful look at our packaging and the opportunities that exist to make improvements, with respect to sustainability.”