Trader Joe’s Just Launched Vegan Coconut Cream Lattes

Trader Joe’s Just Launched Vegan Coconut Cream Lattes

U.S. supermarket chain Trader Joe’s just launched dairy-free coconut cream lattes. The ready-to-drink cold brew beverages are the latest addition to the grocery chain’s growing range of vegan options.

The chain, which has nearly 500 stores in more than 40 states, is offering the dairy-free drinks in two flavors: Original and Caramel Spice.

The budget-friendly drinks – they’ll set you back $1.99 – are rich, creamy, and feature notes of coconut cream.

And Instagrammer spotted the beverages in a store and shared pictures of the vegan finds online.

Vegan Food at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is becoming more recognized as a haven for vegan goods. The supermarket chain stocks a variety of plant-based staples like dairy-free milk, plant-based meat, and vegan cheese but the chain is also home to various rare vegan finds. A shopper recently noticed that Trader Joe’s had been veganizing its baked goods on the down-low, meaning it now offers animal-free chocolate chip cookies. It also sells vegan-friendly giant soft pretzels, banana bread, and churros.

In February, shoppers discovered that the chain had launched vegan jerky made out of watermelon. Trader Joe’s also makes its own dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups, similar to those produced by Reese’s. The snack is made with fair trade dark chocolate and is gluten-free and soy-free. “This magical merger of dark chocolate and salty seed butter masterfully mimics the craveable creaminess of a peanut butter cup, without peanuts!” Trader Joe’s said about the item.

The Decline of Dairy

A growing number of consumers are saying no to dairy for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. A recent survey found that nearly 50 percent of coffee drinkers in the UK choose vegan milk when ordering in a cafe. In the U.S, 48 percent of dairy-drinkers also purchase plant-based milk.

Alongside the growing number of people choosing dairy-free, companies are launching vegan coffee products to keep up. Last month, Chameleon Cold-Brew released bottled cold brew drinks made with organic oat milk. STōK Cold Brew also introduced its own vegan cold brew beverages in flavors Almondmilk Mocha and Oatmilk Latte. Last September, RISE Brewing Co. brought America’s first canned vegan oat milk latte to market. It’s available in Whole Foods Market and on Amazon.