Trader Joe’s Releases New Vegan Products for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Trader Joe’s is no stranger to the kitchens of vegans; they already offer an impressive list of plant-based products. With the holiday season upon us, the company has been releasing more products to satisfy hungry vegans across the nation.

Instagram user @traderjoesvegan has been documenting their vegan finds within Trader Joe’s stores. The most recent discovery was the Breaded Turkey-Less Stuffed Roast with Gravy.

This 100% vegan alternative to the traditional turkey was quickly praised by consumers.

The holiday season has also prompted the release of Trader Joe’s vegan stuffing. The riced cauliflower stuffing is made from carrots, dried sweetened cranberries, leeks, onion, and celery.

Shoppers also recently discovered Trader Joe’s “rich and creamy” dairy-free Almond Nog. The eggnog alternative is among many other holiday-themed products that have been increasingly spotted on store shelves.

Pumpkin bagels, apple cider jam, apple pie, dark chocolate orange sticks and spiced cider are just a few of the products that have been stocked this season.

Trader Joe’s recently shared images of their new Pixie Pie Mix. The ingredients, which feature marshmallow spread, are completely vegan.

Though recipe suggests adding an egg for cooking, there are various vegan egg substitutes available.

Trader Joe’s joins a growing list of companies who are adding vegan alternatives to their menus, including TescoFry’s and Starbucks.

Image credit: Trader Joes | Trader Joes Vegan