Truth About Milk Production Exposed With Viva!’s New ‘Scary Dairy’ Campaign

Scary Dairy, a new website by the UK-based animal rights charity Viva!, aims to help the British public go dairy-free.

The new site provides comprehensive information on what happens to cows and goats in the dairy industry and how ditching milk, butter, and cheese can improve health. It also provides dairy-free recipes, guides on where to find vegan products, and breaks down common nutrition myths, such as milk being an irreplaceable source of protein and calcium.

“Although [members of the] public are beginning to open their eyes to the reality of the dairy industry, many people still believe that dairy cows and goats live an idyllic lifestyle,” Viva! founder and director Juliet Gellatley said in a statement.

She continued, “Some will be shocked to learn that in order to produce milk an animal first needs to be pregnant. The calves are cruelly ripped away from their mothers just hours after birth.”

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We told you we would go big and we have! TRASH, launches with two giant vegan billboards to raise awareness of the dairy industry’s forgotten victims – male calves! The emotional billboards feature young calves alongside the text “95,000* male calves shot in a year – the dairy industry’s trash”. The billboards stand at a giant 7.5m high, targeting commuters travelling both northbound and southbound on the M5 near Birmingham. Over the two week period the billboards are estimated to reach 1.6 million people. . Link to our FREE outreach materials and all #TRASH street action events in bio . #vegan #vegans #scarydairy #malecalves #dairy #cow #animallovers #notyourmomnotyourmilk #billboard #vegancampaign #veganactivists #activism #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #animalrights #plantmilk #dairyfree #govegan

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The launch of the new website accompanies the organisation’s TRASH campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the treatment of male calves born to dairy cows.

Due to the fact that they cannot produce milk, male calves are generally regarded as waste. According to Viva!, around two million are born each year and 95,000 are shot shortly after birth. As part of the TRASH campaign, the organisation has erected two 7.5-metre high billboards on the northbound and southbound M5 in Birmingham, educating drivers about the young victims of the dairy industry.

“Male calves are either shot in the head or sold to the veal and beef industry, whilst female calves follow the same fate as their mothers – an endless cycle of forced impregnation until an early death at often just five years old,” Gellarley continued.

For more information about Scary Dairy, visit the official website.

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