Turkey’s First Vegan Hotel Is the Luxury Vacation of Your Dreams

Turkey's First Vegan Hotel Is the Luxury Vacation of Your Dreams

The first-ever completely vegan hotel is set to open in Turkey.

Located on 30 acres of land in the Olympos region of Antalya, Turkey’s resort city, the Vegan Lodge has 34 rooms, a gym, yoga hall, and two swimming pools. The hotel is situated near the Olympos beach and offers fitness classes and culinary workshops as well as outdoor yoga sessions.

Owner of the Vegan Lodge Emre Dilek said the idea was sparked by a desire to help people live a cruelty-free lifestyle more easily.

“I see how difficult it is for vegans to go on vacation, especially to foreign countries, when they have to explain what they eat and don’t eat,” Dilek told Russian news site, Vegetarian“I strive to show guests that a comfortable and enjoyable holiday that does not harm the environment and other species is possible.”


The hotel’s menu is entirely plant-based and includes Mediterranean-style cuisine like falafel, homemade burgers, pasta, and grain bowls. Buffet-style breakfast platters, salad, pastries, and appetizers are also available.

The Vegan Lodge’s rooms are decorated with animal-free materials and the cleaning products used are cruelty-free and sustainable.

“Our concept is to reduce the carbon footprint to the lowest level possible, whilst also providing a second to none holiday atmosphere without harm to the environment but at the same time not needing to sacrifice any of the usual comfort and enjoyment that you require from your getaway,” reads the Vegan Lodge’s website.

The company strives to be environmentally friendly by using solar energy to heat its water supply and photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity. It forgoes as many plastic products as possible; for instance, by not serving water in single-use plastic bottles.

The Vegan Lodge grows most of its own produce – like olives and pomegranates – which are used in the meals served to guests.

Earlier this month, Hilton Hotels & Resorts created a vegan hotel suite in one of its London locations. The room’s furniture is layered with Piñatex, a natural leather made from pineapple, whilst its silk curtains are made from soybeans instead of silkworms. Plant-based food appears in the mini fridge, and like the Vegan Lodge, the cleaning products used are vegan-friendly.

The Vegan Lodge will open in March 2019.

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