Viewers Turning Vegan After Watching Australia’s New Lamb Ad

On 10th January, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) did the vegan movement a great service.

The meat company released an advertisement for lamb, that was so shockingly awful, it seems to have persuaded some viewers to avoid meat altogether and go raw vegan.

The ad depicts a musical face-off between political gangs, which some have noted is reminiscent of west side story, however, musical lovers and anyone with an appreciation for the arts may disagree.

The commercial ends with a plate of lamb being brought out by a suburban mother which supposedly ‘unites’ the left and right political gangs, with the slogan ‘you never lamb alone, we love the lamb’ sung together by the opposing groups.

The chief marketing and communications at the company, Lisa Sharp, said of the ad, ‘we are celebrating freedom of choice, freedom of speech and our nation’s ability to put aside our differences and join together over a lamb barbecue.’

However, it doesn’t seem like MLA quite achieved this goal.

People on twitter wrote after witnessing the advertisement, ‘after seeing the latest lamb ad I’ve decided to become vegetarian’ and ‘I just watched the terrible lamb ad and I think I’m a raw vegan now.’

Truly, Meat and Livestock Australia, vegans thank you so much.