Meat Giant Tyson Foods Introduces Its First Plant-Based Burger

Meat Giant Tyson Foods Introduces Its First Plant-Based Burger

Tyson Foods just launched new meatless products, including plant-based burger patties.

The new additions to Tyson’s plant-based range Raised & Rooted also include plant-based bratwurst, Italian sausages, and ground. The range already includes nuggets in original and spicy flavors, as well as whole-grain tenders.

The plant-based sausages, burger patties, and ground meat feature 17 to 24 grams of protein per serving. According to the company, they also contain 75 percent less saturated fat than their animal-derived counterparts.

“Our products are plants made meatier, and deliver the same delicious flavors, in a better-for-you alternative,” David Ervin, Raised & Rooted’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement. He added: “We are excited to provide people with satisfying alternative protein options perfect for any occasion.”

Tyson Foods—one of the world’s largest poultry, beef, and pork producers—introduced its plant-based range in 2019. “Raised & Rooted was created to provide plant-based options for everyone,” Ervin continued. “And our new products are the next step toward meeting that goal while remaining steadfast to our commitment to providing great-tasting alternative options.”

Tyson Foods Launches Plant-Based Meat

This isn’t Tyson’s first foray into the plant-based meat market — it invested in California-based food tech company Beyond Meat in 2016, divesting right before the vegan meat producer went public in order to focus on creating its own plant-based meat products.

In May 2018, the meat giant invested $2.2 million into the Israeli cultured meat startup Future Meat Technologies. It’s also invested in Berkeley-based cultured meat startup Memphis Meats and MycoTechnology, a mushroom-based protein company.

In October 2020, Raised & Rooted’s meatless filet was featured in fast food chain Jack in the Box’s very first plant-based chicken sandwich. In a press release, Ervin said the sandwiches were “the best tasting plant-based product in the market today.”

Tyson’s move into the plant-based meat sector comes amid a growing demand for vegan proteins.

According to the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute, the plant-based food market more than doubled last year. Sales for plant-based food products increased 27 percent to $7 billion.

The plant-based meat sector, in particular, is burgeoning. Market research firm Million Insights reports that the global plant-based meat market is projected to be worth $13.8 billion by 2027.

In December 2020, Tyson revealed it had removed egg whites from its Raised & Rooted range. The company also discontinued its meat patties blended with Angus Beef and plant protein. “Moving forward, Raised & Rooted products will not contain any animal products,” Ervin told FoodNavigator-USA at the time.