Tyson Foods Invests in Clean Meat Brand, Memphis Meats

Clean Meat Producer Raises $3 Million for 'Revolutionary' Meat Products

Following its recent investment into popular plant-based meat brand, Beyond Meat, Tyson Foods has now made a another investment into the clean meat brand, Memphis Meats. It seems even the largest meat producer in the United States is aware that the future is looking vegan.

Memphis Meats is a brand for meat lovers who enjoy the taste but aren’t such a fan of the negative effects meat production and consumption has on the environment, animal welfare, and our own health.

CEO of Memphis Meats Uma Valeti said of the investment from Tyson Foods, “we are excited that Tyson Foods will be joining us in our mission to bring meat to the table in a sustainable, affordable and delicious way. Our vision is for the world to eat what it loves, in a way that addresses today’s challenges for the environment, animal welfare and public health.”

Tyson Foods are equally as enthusiastic about the investment, corporate strategy and chief sustainability officer Justin Whitmore said, “we’re excited about this opportunity to broaden our exposure to innovative, new ways of producing meat, especially since global protein demand has been increasing at a steady rate.”

The CEO of the giant meat supplier, Tom Hayes stated that the move is “another step toward giving today’s consumers what they want and feeding tomorrow’s consumers sustainably for years to come.”

Image Credit: Memphis Meats