U.S. Grocery Chain Weis Markets Rolls Out ‘Plant Powered’ Wellness Program to Promote Health Benefits of Vegan Food

Pennsylvania-based grocery store chain Weis Markets has rolled out “Plant Powered,” a wellness program as part of a new campaign to promote the health benefits of plant-based food.

According to Retail Leader, special signage throughout the store will highlight plant-based products from Weis Markets own-brand lines, Full Circle Market, and select national brands. In addition to this,plant-based whole foods such as fresh and frozen produce, beans and lentils, canned fruits and vegetables, whole grains, pasta, cereal, nuts and seeds, and plant-based milk have been identified by Weis Dietitians as “support[ing] a balanced, plant-powered diet.”

“Our Plant Powered program offers guidance on an eating approach that is a more flexible than vegetarianism or veganism, yet may offer many of the same benefits, including lower risk for heart disease and an increased intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and unsaturated fats,” said Weis Markets Lifestyle Initiatives Manager Beth Stark. “According to Nielsen survey data, we know that more than one in three Americans are actively trying to include more plant-based foods in their diets. This program aims to help them understand where to find these foods and how to enjoy them at home.”

U.S. Grocery Chain Weis Markets Rolls Out New Vegan Program to Promote Health Benefits of Plant-Based Food

Weis Markets’ Plant Powered wellness program doesn’t end with calling out vegan ingredients. As well as highlighting Weis Markets vegan groceries, the chain’s team of registered dietitians have developed “plant-powered recipes” as well as simple swaps to help customers replace animal products with plant-based ingredients.

The Mid-Atlantic grocery chain, which has over 205 stores throughout the region, has steadily been growing its team of dietitians as part of its health and wellness initiatives. Other programs include Mystery Tours, a free in-store nutrition education field trip program for kids in grades second through fourth. The company has also expanded its online program that connects customers to the Weis Dietitian team.

By highlighting vegan and vegetarian products throughout the store, Weis Markets hopes to promote the health benefits of a vegan diet. Consumer interest in plant-based foods has grown exponentially in recent years and more Americans, regardless of diet, are choosing vegan products for reasons such as health, sustainability, and animal welfare. Recent information from the NPD Group, a leading global information company, shows that 86 percent of American consumers who buy plant-based products are meat-eaters.